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Monica S. Kuebler

Updated: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 01:36 pm

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Monica S. Kuebler has been performing spoken word since 1996. The Toronto, Canada-based writer/performer has appeared on stages as far abroad as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London, England. She is the author of four chapbooks (TWO WEEKS OF SILENCE... OR A JOURNEY INTO CHAOS (1997), LEGACY (1999), BRUISES ON THE INSIDE (2001), THE SOUND OF ONE GIRL SCREAMING (2002) and one full-length collection of poetry co-authored with Cynthia Gould, SOME WORDS SPOKEN (2002). Her work has also appeared on the UNHEARD OF... spoken word compilation album, in the NUIT BLANCHE: POEMS FOR LATE NIGHTS collection, and her poem "Dirty" was sampled by UK's DJ Downfall for his track "Black Pants." During the day, Monica is Associate Editor/Webmistress of Rue Morgue Magazine, but when the sun goes down, she dons her other hat as Editor-in-Chief of Burning Effigy Press. Monica is currently working her second collection of poetry (THE SICK AND THE BEAUTIFUL) and first horror novel. She is also midway through recording her first spoken word CD (TATTOOS OF STARS, FAST BOYS AND FASTER CARS).


BONE DRUM by Monica S. Kuebler (appeared in the Aug/Sept 2005 edition of The Dream People) If you cut me open from chin to pelvis, crack my skull, slice wide my arms and legs, if you snip out my organs one by one so my heart could no longer pound for you so my lungs could no longer breathe and gasp for you so my stomach could no longer hunger for you so my brain could no longer love and lust for you so my muscles could no longer tense and thrust for you… If you boiled what was left, boiled my body till the last of the tendons and tissue and earthly flesh was worn from the bone - smooth - then I'd be the sum of every human creature and the sum of none at all. However, if you picked up one of those bones and struck it against a drum you would see that even then I would create music, art, a beat that can entrance the living to dance to it. It was born in my bones. If you cut me open from chin to pelvis, crack my skull, slice wide my arms and legs, if you snip out my organs one by one, you would see that you would feel that you would know that too.

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Charles Bane, Jr

Sat 28th Sep 2013 17:17

Enjoyed this very much.

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Sun 13th Apr 2008 01:50

Eerie poem, reminds me of a holocaust poem where a man reached into a pot of boining meat and grabbed some to eat it only to find out it was human flesh being boiled down after e in thpost mortems at one of the camps.... scary stuff.

I loved the message in the poem, no matter what anyone does to you, they cannot keep you silent. Should be a motto for all of us.

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