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Michel Francois

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Welcome to my Profile . Sometimes it would seem that I do have so much more 'not to say' than 'to say'....but, I might be wrong! A French Contemporary Poet writing in both French and English (in which language do I dream - well both of course and, at the same time - a little madness maybe?) The literary trail from France to Italy and the USA where during a number of years, worked on Poetry Recitals, Acting, Screenplay writing and giving lectures Came to the UK in 2003 to continue writing Poetry (2 volumes published so far in dual language) lectures, reference work and currently working on a first novel set in 1960's France - a thriller. Also wish to publish one day my Journal. Won awards in both languages and, have been published in Literary magazines USA, France and UK Poetry of the absurd, with a fascination for the unconscious mind stimulating much of the work. 'les mots semblent exister pour nous rappeler la tâche désespérée d'exprimer l'inexprimable' The invitation by the late David Burland to judge the David Burland Poetry prize since 2008 up to and including 2016 has been a real honour. The 2016 prize results are now announced. A second anthology 'Poetic Art' / L'Art Poétique edited by myself with all winners since 2013 is anticipated for release 2017 Details will be announced eventually at: my third dual language (French/English)collection both hardback and recording is currently under way ( 'In our Veins' / 'Dans nos Veines') When not writing I find Chess a tonic to unwind and recharge . Music, egyptology, philosophy and cosmology are other interests. Find me at www.michel-franç


extracts from published work REVIVAL (extract) Revive my pain, and yet again Bizarre vision cradles those curves within Pursued passion fashioning our doctrine IN SOLITUDE (extract) In solitude prowling as powers persist Flesh dribbling from the torn light to rot outside Agony's sunflowers massing ready to resist A suffering's ultimate and turbulent tide CONFLUX Une lèvre de matière fait la moue un corps se nie à sa naissance dans un hameau charmant de l'ariège une thomise tangue....tisse sa toile l'embrasure d'une porte tend un piège au scintillement d'étoiles

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Steve Smith

Fri 16th Aug 2013 14:52

Ah bon! Je l'attende avec attention!

Steve Smith

Tue 13th Aug 2013 16:09

Cher Michel,Merci pour votre commentaire -je n'ai lis qu'un morceau de votre poesie en francai mais je vois un talent! "Comfort" a eu du bon succes,mais louer un teatre est assez difficile parce que on doit reserver l'espace six mois en avant.Nous avons eu deux" maisons pleines" et n'avons pas perdu de l'argent -au contraire avons gagne/ un peu.

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Julian (Admin)

Sun 17th Jan 2010 11:14

Bienvenue chez nous, Michel.
wonderful alliteration and imagery.
not to mention such erudition: I had to look up whipperwill and procellous.
one line had me puzzling though, and wondering if there was a word missing from it (find, perhaps?):
those who could now themselves strewn

did you write this in English? Do you have it in French, too?
J'attend ta réponse.

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Gregory Nussbaum

Wed 11th Nov 2009 01:34

Thank you for the warm welcome Michel.

I do hope to furnish you with poetry that is 'divine' in the coming winter months.

I read Oblivion and the words explore the title well. A bit too gratuitous for my sensibilities but extraordinary and powerful idiom you have. 'blithe oblivion' 'lamenting crimson' 'demonic expiry'. I wondered if the variation on elipses length of five dots and four dots expressed any more than had you used large gaps to signify time passing? but that's a mystery I shall have to take to bed with me this evening as I'm sure it is too late for you to respond tonight.

I look forward to reading more from the Francois canon in due course.


Gregory S Nussbaum.

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