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Meshach R. Brencher

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I am a Performance, Spoken Word Artist and Writer from Manchester, originally from a Performance Art background. My work is a dichotomy of very deep thoughtfully and complete ridiculous dry humour with sarcasm. I first attended Stockport's Write Out Loud in early 2009. My writing has been featured in Commonword’s 'Elevator Fiction' Anthology (2016) and the ‘Sweet Tongues’ Food Poem Anthology (2013). I have written and performed for ‘Battle of the Minds’ (October 2014 and 2015) at the Contact Theatre representing Manchester's Spoken Word Collective 'Young Identity', as part of the Manchester Literature Festival. I've also performed spoken word for ‘Chaos to Order’ music project with Brighter Sound’s Echo Trace in May 2015, co-wrote and performed in ‘Stagnant Change’ in September 2015 at Z-arts. I have recently got back into writing after a near two year break and glad to be back doing it once again! Follow me on You Tube (Meshach R. Brencher) & Soundcloud (Rated MRB 1987)


'Ugly' I… a liar because you can’t see my truths they’re farfetched like a lost soul someone you don’t know a bitter case an epidemic with no cure a sickness so pure apocalyptic clouds lure heaven to take a rest while demons bind my stress a reflection that can’t tell if voices are only whispers in my ear disperse into thin air no physical matter the mirror turns a blind eye its cracks so placid yet cuts are corrosive like acid strains of questions choke the answers buried beneath pavements always looking up to a head held down humble roses that stand amongst a jungle its pigment taken away a kiss that goes untouched compassion blown away to a tormented shore waters weep and creep onto your fingertips saving me from falling into a pitiless wave I’m afraid my grace will be wiped away like dirt long gone ill will that envies absence of possessions I never had my imperfections quarrel with straggling arms they plea with me to stay within the basin unmet with this hideous complexion the only place colours are ever vibrant locked away from the scorn of disgust ridiculed how no beauty lies here why… because I’m ugly 'Sestina' Poem A. Change B. Time C. Feel D. Room E. Protect F. Warm I watch everything change The clock ticking its motor to travel in time The pursuit affects the way I feel All thoughts stored up in my room An inner sanctum to protect The passage of numbness overstaying it warmth Colourful echoes provide warmth Electromagnetic prisms elevate change Clouds pillowing the sun are there to protect Your eyes not missing the horizon shifting time Spatial awareness provides room To open gravitational bonds harnessing what you feel Reach out to touch and feel blossoms lingering the petals with warmth opening the vessels to make room for a revered assembly of change rose buds gathered and churned with time the spring exodus yearning to protect preserving its stature, all noble men protect the sacred value of how abundant they feel enriching their working mechanisms through time enlightenment of illuminations providing warmth to seek blessing to feel change the hindered phantom is now filling the room all pursuits of foundation can carve out this room the nutrients of golden grains protect the drought of not anticipating change a seed planted underground will feel germination’s metamorphosis generating warmth watching the sun rise and set beyond its time an innocent mind needs all the time to unlock words never spoken in this room but outside the box a baby crawls to warm a growing curiosity to learn and protect humbling sounds of excitement they feel discovering tomorrow something new will change there is always time for a change nothing to protect me from experiencing something not anticipated fills this room warm and I feel it 'Rewind' If I could rewind time and go back I would use my initiative more not slack as much Have a sensitive touch to things and beings that matter to me I wish my disability wouldn't be a liability Wish I could use it to invigorate the person the individual I know I truly am without compromising to ideals to avoid surreals situations where I was misunderstood it wasn't my intention to faulter what I wasn't good at It wasn't suppose to be a trait I could easily pick up on and run with hiding on the shelf for long taught me nothing why my education was a downfall was a big part in that not enough exploitation browsing different destinations got stuck in a labyrinth I'm stuck at the bottom dreaming of the zenith where my reality is anything but that a big disappointment dwelling on time waiting for that change the strange feeling I get is not knowing where my future lies (CHORUS) If only I could rewind time if only if only I could pick up that tape and unwind it back to where I lost track pause it at that very moment I wish to relive again help me recollect where I went wrong so I can put it right next time around If I could rewind time and go back to the good times where I was happy without a worry in the world or so it felt like that live in a world without restrictions no inception of going against my aesthetic way of living the burdens I feel ironically symbolises everything I gained awareness of of what evolves around me conceit for not fitting a certain way who's to blame my consciousness or the prowess of mass culture and convention directing and influencing how I should live my life people close to me feel my fire to express myself truly wishing I'd done it earlier on awaken a lot sooner to set my future up I succumb to frustration of having my loved ones I don't know what's coming my way thinking of times I wasted in the past steeping somewhere I shouldn't could have done things better to find peace and unlease serene energy for people to see me happy like I wish they could (x2) (CHORUS) - If only I could rewind time... After all the conceit that I feel nothing compares to losing you Zekiel It makes me wanna live and prosper for you the sake of love... purpose... and drive... 'Footprints In The Sand' One night a person had a dream and this dream made them feel so serene as across the skyline there were flashing scenes of their life chronologically all for one reason looking at the footprints in the sand the person noticed it told a story of the path of life looking to be taken on but inconsistent and easily mistaken as to what the true purpose was some footprints were different shape and sizes whereas some had differently applied pressure in guise eventually the footprints would divide into two parts one side consisting of multiple footprints which signified the person and their desirable other half beckoning ever closer in reach whereas the other side told of the path of reckoning of who this person is suppose to be As much as both sides seem sublime to take on the problem would be taking hold one and leaving the other behind because they both do not have the capacity to co-exist together so one would have to remain scarce forever Oh it is troublesome because at both sides the footprints eventually begin to fade leaving space for new ones to be created but which way to go OHH... that certain thing or certain one please give a clue of which direction to go from here

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Fri 3rd Apr 2020 03:05

I’ve enjoyed the rhythms of what you have shared on here. Hope you are safe and well (and writing).


<Deleted User> (7075)

Wed 24th Feb 2010 08:23

Hi Meshach... Have a look round and post up some of your work. welcome aboard. Win

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Ann Foxglove

Sat 20th Feb 2010 19:39

Hello - hope you enjoy WOL, explore the site and see what you come up with! Visual art and poetry seem to go hand in hand in my book!

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