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Matthew Rhodes

Updated: Sat, 27 Jan 2018 03:08 pm

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Matthew lives in Leamington Spa with his family. He's written poetry quietly for 30 years, spending the rest of his time building a small business, which he finally gave up last year. He published his first collection, Bathing Strictly Prohibited, in 2017.


Two poems below: Caer Caradoc and Almost Caer Caradoc Like a grain of sand I cross your banks, borne on Roman time and tides, too late to stand and fight, with you, for life. My feet scour and stir the earth you threw upon this hill in vain; once proud projection of your power, erect (I imagine, at least) but now soft and conquered, smooth mounds suckling sheep; slopes made romantic by imagined pasts and feet. A woman it was, I hear, who did for you at last. Like a grain of sand I cross your banks, and shape your fort, and feel your hands; two thousand years have passed and still I dream with you. Almost It almost snowed this morning; odd flakes distracted in the air, like girls with secret crushes blushing in his sideways stare. I almost loved a woman; odd moments that connected, like snowflakes sparkling in her hair – yet which, as courage, later melted. We almost spoke of feelings; unsaid, not settling; but biding, baying – like wolves in winter from mountains with dusk falling. Lives almost changing daily, and landscapes almost smothered by almost snow and almost love: almost makes us days to covet.

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