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I'm being forced to write a biography but I really didn't want to . feeling lazy My age is unknown I guess I am 13 at least i know this, oh and also my mind is crazy. I'm a superhero and an addict of some manmade drugs and pills. Also I have been diagnosed with a mental disorder so I'm jobless and require dad to pay the bills. That's all i'm writing , I have to go outside and play Batman, and start a fire. Love you guys *love bugs biting* call me Mattman! I'm a ninja for hire!


This soul that dwells was lost, It comes to me with just her cost. Her price she pays to guide me along the way. She sings like a red bird in the sky at light, she writes beautiful literature all throughout the night. This soul that dwells loves me , loves all of me, to be or could be. So I say to this soul that lingers, I love you too, Edgar was wrong, but I should not point fingers. Raven above my chamber door, I implore you! Soul that touched mine heart, I ADORE YOU! Yes I felt that hug! 😃 Like a chill up my back, a shiver up my spine.. I know your love is mine.. Stay with me my Lenore... Don't go! Please don't touch that door!! Shiver again... what is this? Are you leaving now? It felt like goodbye... ReaLLY? WOW?!.. I'd Rather DIE! An entire dimension of mortal souls surround me. But my love of loves.... belongs to a dimension we cannot yet see... Amazing is the power you have in words Soul that loves me. Amazing is the power you have in birds 😃 Soul that is mine to be... I love you truly Annabelle Lee

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