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Marion Michell

Updated: Sun, 10 Jun 2018 11:37 am


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I am a London-based visual artist & writer. My work is intimate and intense, lingers on thresholds. At the moment I mostly write ‘textlings’- carefully crafted and tightly focused poetic chronicles of a life framed by M.E. and P.O.T.S. Turning language into adventure is my survival plan. In 2015 I won first prize in the QUICK.SAND flash competition of the Berlin-based English language literary journal SAND with Cuffs & Collars. In December 2016 my book SUPINELY SUBLIMELY was published by Palewell Press.


After Nothing of me that did not fade. Head down from cloud with blades in hair. Limbs barbed with pain. Hands crudely carved and not plugged in. Eyes sport a coat of Vaseline. Memory is holed up in a bur. Flame-throwing skirt adjusts to clothes rail smoulder-mode. Harangues the tired one in viperous tones. Call this vernacular? If ears could bolt… Practice run for bigger things? Naaaa. Made the most? Ta. Tiny though, and all ties cut.

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