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Madeline McGrawth

Updated: Thu, 13 Apr 2017 04:01 pm

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My name is Madeline, everyone refers to me as Maddy. I'm a high school student. At a private school that is basically in the middle of nowhere. When I was younger I used to make up songs and make up poems. English is not my first language, but I will do my best to push through that and make my way to the future I desire. I won't to become a poet or a song writer. Even just a writer in general.


Depression, it’s that lump in your throat right before you’re about to burst into tears, It's that pain when you were a kid and you wiped out on your bike and you have that fresh road rash, Depression, it’s like wearing that itchy fleece sweater you got from your grandma that you wear to make her happy, it’s like being dead when you’re alive, it’s like drowning on land away from all sources of water, it’s like standing on stage in front of a million people but you can’t say what you’re meaning to say, It’s like having everything you need to survive and be happy but you still feel empty and incomplete. Depression, The scars upon scars that I’ve placed upon my body and still feeling the need to cause more physical harm to myself, Depression, The need to make the outside match the hurt on the inside, The need to make myself look as weak as i feel inside, The need to know that these marks make me as useless as they say i am Depression, I'm so busy listening to the negative things they have to say that i am not focusing on the good, I'm too busy worrying about what other people are thinking about me, and not what i think of myself, I'm too busy making myself this hateful person because that’s how everyone treats me I'm too busy fighting with my own thoughts to make the better difference for me, I'm too busy with family problems to see how bad my own are getting, Depression, It's getting bad again, my head is spinning with thoughts It's getting bad again, i can hear the voices It's getting bad again, the flesh was pink and now drips of red It's getting bad again, i don't ever want to leave my bed It's getting bad again, the temptations are filling my head Depression, It's an unwanted, wake up call It's an unwanted, slap to the face It's an unwanted, anxiety attack It's an unwanted, slit in the wrist It's an unwanted, thought in your head Depression, It's pushing It's tearing It's lying It's bulllshit It's crazy It's my living hell Depression, I hate it you can have it I hate it take these thoughts away I hate it save my life I hate it when will it stop I hate it these constant attacks Depression, It’s the thing I've fought with my whole life It's the thing that almost took my life It's the thing that makes me do things that i am not proud of It's the thing that not only i deal with Depression, You still want to make it a joke?

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