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Maša Rački

Updated: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 12:01 pm

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I love to write about lust and love in general.


Move me I'm lookin' for someone or something to pull me away from nothing I wanna feel everything what's good what's gonna put me in a better mood livin' like this,without inner peace for me is a horror so would you do me an honour? c'mon come with me together we will see how to feel the way we should and i know in the end i'm gonna be moved moved from the emptiness to eternal happiness 'cause there are we moving free,dancing and feeling the heat let's stand high life is too short to sit I wanna move the way i should and with you i know i could c'mon come with me together we will see how birds are movin' in the air they fly fly fly and don't care 'bout us 'cause they're too high high of breathin' that fresh air and they're too busy touchin' the sky please move me from nothing to something show me that i can be found lost all my life here searchin' for someone like you without any hope,in fear and u weren't near, i was going round and round and round about you there was no sound thanks to my imagination i can see you and now i feel no more tension my memory's no good but for you it tries to be the best so i remember your voice and touch you are hidden in my past together we won't see a thing that's the thing which is hard to accept but i'm grateful for you and for secrets which inside in our lustful hearts we kept I wanna love the way i should but without you i feel nothing i am just like a peace of wood waiting to be burned in a bonfire where my power others will admire and maybe it's true that about love i don't have a clue I wanna live the way i should but for now i won't even if i could 'cause then i have to admit that this life right now ain't IT dont mind about this poem it's just a thing that moves me from nothing when i write about you i don't feel alone i'm moving to something

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Alo Fettig

Fri 18th Jan 2019 09:34

how are you doing, i know that i did not say much about myself because I have a special reason of contacting you. write to me because is confidential, OK ( )

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