Hi, I live in the beautiful state of Alaska where the spirit of animals and men roam free. I am married to a wonderful man and we have three children and we used to foster girls which brought us lots of joy. I am currently a full-time college student and I write inspirational poetry. I have published two books so far. Titles are: 1 Godly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul 2 Inspirations from Heaven's Gate Both are books of poetry with bible verses sprinkled within. They can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am able through the help of The Holy Spirit to write about the beauty and simplicity of life. Through words I want to reveal the beauty of Christ to the broken and lost spirits of humanity. Through pouring out my heart and tears and trying to be transparent I want to encourage people to see we are in this together. I enjoy reading, writing, blogging, walking, family, social networking, scrap booking and photography. I started out in a military family my dad joined the Air Force when i was little so the world has been my playground. It is where I learned to get along with other people and accept myself. I am very comfortable with books and pens and paper. I sometimes feel like I was born with a pencil in my hand and I started writing at six years old and it has just expanded from there. I have never passed a library or used bookstore that I haven't liked. As you can tell I am very chatty about my life, books and writing. I am a Christian lady who comes from a Christian background and family. I came to know the Lord on a personal level when I was 17 years old. Since then I have been on a quest to learn more about Him and myself. On my journey I have come to realize my purpose in life is to write what is on God's heart and encourage the broken and lost souls of humanity with it. Here are two quotes I think sum up my writing life: "I am a little pencil in the hand of writing God who is sending out a love letter to the world." Mother Teresa "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." William Wordsworth


"Insights from Heaven," Prayer is a pathway to a rich and meaningful life in which time has no meaning. Once someone starts a life of payer they are changed forever. There is no going back. The insights gained from the world around them are so powerful it is consuming. When you have a life of payer you have a huge responsibility for those around you. Prayer is the first line of defense for the heart and soul. Otherwise they are left bruised and bleeding on the side of life's highway. Prayer is to the soul what oxygen is to the heart life. Whether we realize it or not we are actually comforted in the knowledge that someone we hold dear those who hold us up to the throne of heaven. They care for us so deeply that they will seek daily solitude to strengthen their own relationship with the Lord. In doing so they touch heaven for us. Our lives become more clear and focused. Throughout their lives they have learned to to slip their hands into the Father's hand. They help us not to drown in our daily struggles. Our family, friends and neighbors uplift our concerns as much as possible. Prayer will bring healing and strength to those who are weary. God's love will flow from your heart to theirs to show that they are highly treasured. His love has supernatural power and will bring life to those who honor Him. Knowing the Father is always available. It is a beautiful gift He bestows upon us. "For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing." 2 Cor 2:15 (NIV) Dancers on the Hill Movement so soft and fleeting; Like a teardrop. The woman begins to change; Like a seedling trying to burst forth upon the earth. Ready to provide a canopy of mixed colors and sweet smells. Her smile brightens the day. Just as the caterpillar enters its cocoon, Only to return as a beautiful butterfly full of bright colors. She waits quietly. Music is heard in the background. As the movement becomes sharper; The many dancers acting but as one. She is one with her secret. As the time draws near the woman's body begins to push. With the rhythm of the music and the beat of the dancer's feet; Her secret almost reveal. As the music ends and the dancer's float off the stage, The gentle push of nature's hand brings forth new life. Her joy is complete as a single teardrop falls onto her stage.

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