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Letaya Y.

Updated: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 01:10 am

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I have always loved writing poetry since a young age and have continued to love it, so I thought, why not join an online community who shares a common love for it as well?!


TREE SCARS BY: L.M.Y Grey rain drops… A foggy window… A white window sill… Is what haunts my lonely mind. I can almost hear the wind on the other side… Trees whipping… Branches breaking… Another droplet slides… Distractions come easiest to me when I do not want to face the truth. My truth. My soul. But now this unignorable ache is here… It sits in my chest… And it comes in waves… Because of the absence of you. Still the window fogs… And you can only make out a blurry figure of an abused tree. With the wind being so bad lately… It makes the trunk crook, bend and sway… Almost a painful romance… The branches break and leave. Like a stump is to a tree… My ache is ever in me… With roots prying into the ground so deep… Like this, your mark will always be.

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