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Lebogang Mogotsi

Updated: Wed, 27 Mar 2024 01:04 am

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Dreams Performed by Mogotsi Lebz When dreams are put on the line And you're clothes are wet There's no rushing the sun rays Or using oil heaters for them to dry When dreams are left to subside The burning urge itself can get u high Can dreams prepare u to die? For when shut eyes, your imagination gives rise and sees passages further Than skies. When dreams are you're only link to the father, you see his Glorious image in a cloud, woken by a Brother Its the Poets time to march, hold banners for the masses, protest for the sake of unheard souls A collection of wise owls, getting lost in pro-nouns try'na pave the future Through words, Erasing stigmas and deleting stereotypes. The poets Muthi casts its spell To free followers hiding in a shell Guidance from a 5yr old mother Teaching his 29yr old son How u may ask? To the wise its known Riddled like a pun Aimed from the elephants, well backed firing gun. I am the one, son that opened his eyes and responded to the calling Arose to the call of purpose my duty un-sprung While wet dreams clutter my mind From perversionz behavior The deed was done Erected on the seed from the sand came a tongue. That speaks images of truth Before the morning has come! He who rocks the bells of sunrise we forever grateful to, sitting in his chapel And monitoring time Taking roll call, so acknowledge that you've been counted, have a role in this path, on earth where your feet have been mounted. For u too stem from the Son/Sun that came of age to pass teachings via preaching s Yes thy kingdom is done! When dreams are on the line And are played out in you're day Its ruthless to leave homes rushing without Thanking through a Pray-er For when that happens u hand over and give a fraction of power to the slayer, Mental control, tampering with you're behavior. So on most days automatically the devil has won. Not to worry, you Reborn! He is eternally kept in the cage where he morns, to share a smile with his father I say forget all else let's make a pact to send preachers in the depths of hell and have em lay hands on the devil While the rest of us hold him down, Pin him down till he sleeps for through his altered dreams he will awake to be one of Gods sheep Again! As dreams are a play on time Saving demons there's always the next in line, the ripple effect playing on eternity's might. Its morning so the tombs we arise, bring light to the situation. Try and make contact with the spiritual evangelism nation, Rasta pleas for repatriation, Allah requests unto thee Shalom daily Phrases in desperation Of those that lost their way home Even with a garmin and a satellite giving way on a radio station The campus we embracing is the Book Stuffed under the bed discarded when you look. The Poets role is to dream with guidance! Conciountize the vision and give rest to the common dreamer, break barriers of the un-believer, convert him into an achiever for they know what it means to fail, walking in the darkness, knowing the truth could prevail. Its morning dreamer! We set the winds in your sails, the Masters reply, you are now strapped in and in accordance with the Most High. Take flight Your journey begins. That you can never deny! The mode of transport is you're eyes, feet carry this passenger. You are now souring the sky. Its a long road ahead. Don't you ever look behind, you will get enough time to reflect. Maybe when u Die!!!! - Mogotsi Lebz

World Class Poets

World Poets We Are!!!! Performed by Mogotsi Lebz I would like to be a world class poet Yes!!!! So the material has to be World class I would like to be a world class poet Yes!!!! So while I reach that status of global Sequels. In the meantime I fantasize... Of myself on the World stage And how I eloped from the page To engage With my internal raps and how my inner fire I blaze I would like to be a world class poet YES!!!! So I look around and the crowd is amazed At this symphony and poetic orchestra and lights That lead me to the music of life!!! Tapping my feet, bopping my head Remenisent of the streets that gave me My hearts inner beat In the chambers of song I am backed by big bands and the world reciting along In my one man duet of words Representing an Army as they chant in fear On their way to killing souls and guarding them all at once I would like to be a world class poet Like the Wynton Marsallies' song and the featured Poet on Premature Autopsies Finding the link of Poetry and Jazz I rock, I rock to the Words of music and Words so let's Celebrate this stage And add pop, groups to this silenced art That sticks in the mind And helps you on your journey through life!!! At times I wanna recite to folk songs and the modern day Gospel in America While they singing I would like to be a world class poet The instruments of my vocals Speaking for the deaf and Being dumber than the none listeners And the percussion of my sounds Resonating through the crowd When the depiction of my cries be heard in your heart strings and is a woodwind to the times Making melodies Reclining like the stars in the night And be soft on keyboards, like soft fingers on my woman's thighs To explore all instruments, as electronics on her board I wanna be me and what my dreams have destined out already I wanna Make poetry around the world and knitted it in your skull Discover the traditional poetry of Asia, Australia and Malaysia Ripple through Africa, Europe The north and South of America Till every word hits your fucken inner intestines And gets you jiving on thought Of course, I wanna make classical Poetry And see us all collaborating on an Orchestral note With all the Poets that I know And Those I have in mind And return the spirit of those that Died Do a solo and a duet of poetry And the microphone be the judge of the vocals As it speaks to an audience and addresses the times _ Explained From each poets lines And win a nobel Peace prize for sharing the life and times of I n I I would like to be a world class poet And get all the accolades of writers Go behind the scenes and come on the main stage with Poetic marches, retell the history of the actual Poet Laureate And how he compiled the kings Sonnets I would like to be a world class poet And dwell into all the mechanics of this art Its nothing technical We compile words and creatively arrange them to you're advantage Discussing ancient rhymes Fostering the change of social lives But apart from being a world class poet I wanna write a poem that writes back to me Next time _ Mogotsi Lebz

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