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Updated: Sun, 23 Jun 2019 01:35 am

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I am new to sharing my poetry so therefore I don’t have any performances. But my interest are poetry based on love and real feelings. When I write it’s the words I’m too scared to speak.


I Every beautiful beings mind is in orbit. Some stable and well managed, others are manic; and some are just broken standing still on its track. One may choose to fix themselves independently another may wait for rescue. II Carefully climb out on this thin line of sanity and begin to push that mind of yours. Break a sweat, lungs gasping, arms aching, heart racing; it’s really quiet exhilarating. The moment of clarity and rejoice. Mind and body whole again. What a beauty to begin with. III Time passes by so slow but so fast. Days feel like years when really they are hours? Sitting in a content panic you search for another. One who will break a sweat for you, one who will allow their lungs to gasp for you, who will push with their already aching arms, blood pumping faster and faster through their fragile heart; all so you may be whole again. That is a journey you should experience yourself. Schemes have always been your way of life. Always leaving your dirty work to others. You are complete again. Right? So all is fine. IV Be wise with your decisions. Always have trust in yourself. Never should you rely on another exhaustively. It leads to a noxious cycle that is dreadful to escape. Be strong and bold on your lonesome so then when another comes along simply surround each other in strength.

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