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I like to write when it randomly comes to me. My spelling and grammar are not the best so please bare with me. I love to turn my thoughts into beautiful stories. I will accept any pointers and tips. This is a first for me, but I feel like I should share the beautiful stories my thoughts create.


I'm sick of the tears, and tired of the fights. Get on with your life, and away from my world. I don't want anything to do with it anymore, it's my mistake. For hanging around to see how we break. It's done it's over there's no reasons for fighting. We walked through the worst storm, and we got stopped by lightning. Our paths are split now they are no longer the same. As much as it hurts I still maintain saine. As for me and you we will never be the same. My heart is broken, my dreams have been shattered. Apparently our relationship refused to matter. People started drama and our love took the beating. Sometimes I think your love for me had no meaning. Just words that you liked to throw around. I don't think we were ever on sturdy grounds. Just so you know I love you more than life itself. The saddest part is you could never tell. The hardest part is walking away, so many parts of me want to stay. Smile for me, smile because you're happy. Imagine without me how great your life would be. I want be there yelling, or bringing you down, you never have to see this face that always makes you frown. Your happiness is all I ever wanted, but all I ever brought you was nightmares and drama. My life will always be shit I'm owed a life time of bad karma. You could've never saved me, and I'm sorry I let you try. I bring these things on myself, and it'll be the same til I die. Just walk forward don't ever look back. Run if you have to, I won't get mad. I'm destined to be alone, ask the tracks on my heart. Now leave this place before it falls apart. Happiness you seek and I hope happiness you'll meet. As the time passes I will fade away like Fall. In the future when I do cross your mind don't you dare call. Erase me for good, erase me forever. The further you are away from me, I promise your life will be better. Don't worry or hurt for me, I'm going to be this way forever. There's nothing I can do to make my life better, but I can help you with yours. You deserve more than this, more than I could ever give. You need someone who makes you smile not someone who makes you cry. So wipe those eyes baby, and put a smile on that face. Now turn around baby girl and run from this place. I'll always love you and hold you in my heart, but I need you to hate me so you don't feel this part. I wish you well and hope for nothing but the best, but it's time for you to put your strength to the test. Smile on your way don't let one single tear drop. I'm not worth your watery eyes. I don't deserve your broken heart. You'll never see me again this is my last words. You are meant for something great in this world. I love you always and I miss you already, but go find what you need and keep your knees steady.

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