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well hello there! I'm Kiera, a 16-year-old aspiring poet from the UK! I hope that you will take the time to read a few of my poems! I wish you all the most amazing day.


The pain is like swimming in the darkest abyss of the sea, Barely keeping above the navy water, A tatted ring of nylon, The shredded remains of the jacket that used to keep me afloat, Only the nylon has slowly turned to lead, Its only objective to drag me under, And the grotesque truth is that I'm not scared, The grotesque truth is that the numb, The god awful, soul-shattering numbness that I feel, It makes the pain... when it finally reaches me, Feel like my utmost friend, Like the perfect company, Which is really the sickest bit if you ask me, Because after fighting the overbearing tide for what feels a Millennium, Suddenly the navy blue of the lethal waves, They seem kinder, merciful almost... My sweet, forgiving tide... And my tatted nylon life jacket that clings to me screams for surrender, And suddenly navy doesn't seem too bad after all...

the unimaginable

Love. Hate. The line draws so thin. This is it then eh? The stories they’d tell us years ago. The stories we’d outright laugh at. And this is it. Such fools we were to laugh, sheerly because the idea terrified us so. Foolish mindless children. This is it, Our own personal Armageddon. This is it. I feel you grab my hand, and we fast as our legs will take us. Not through fear, strangely enough. Isn’t that odd? This. It takes the meaning of running to the ends of the earth for somebody very literally, Almost... Too literally, How sublime. This is it. I’ve never felt heat like this before. Yet we stand shivering. The sky illuminated in the most magnificent red. Nobody screams. Nobody yells. The silence is deafening. So eerily deafening. This is it. We hold each other tight, There’s no need for you to speak. Please don’t speak. I already know love, I know. This is it. I close my eyes, thankful that it’s your arms that I meet my inevitable fate inside of. I pray that we meet again, in a better world. Please. This. Is. It.


Not I love you like an idle thought; I love you like October. The slow turning of leaves, ever-changing colors illuminating just how dear to me I hold you. I love you like an infant gaining their first sentimental, a teddy bear. A tooth. The ability to speak. As even in an infant's mindless babbling, the ability to love holds strong. I love you like rainy days and reading. Like collecting old pennies and hot chocolates by the fire. I love you infinitely.


It's like just before the rollercoaster drops and everything is still You know that you're going to fall But you don’t mind, Because when it comes down to it, you're safe, And you're with the one you love, The one person who being 300ft in the air with, perhaps it isn't as scary. The one person who, in all thing's adrenaline and danger, Makes you feel at peace, safe. And that’s okay. Time. It's crazy really, How in all of the years of my existence, of all of the minutes that have passed, I’ve never experienced the entire world freeze like it does when I'm with you, And while we sit at the top of the tracks of this rollercoaster, 300ft above everything that we know so well, I realise, that no matter what happens, I'm safe. Because all of a sudden, it's not gravity holding me to the earth, Its you.

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