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Empath_Coach on Twitter 'Kevin@Empath_Coach': my creative output to date can be summarised as 'Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas.'[Eccl. 1:2;12:8] The verse is translated as 'Vanity of vanities; all is vanity'.Thanks for listening!


Shame game All the same oh the shame not to blame just a game. Fridge encounters Desire finds the sesame way Frozen light reveals its treasure Unwrap the trove, all senses vibrate as lapse encounters pleasure. Roboboss Paperwork tiger prowls the zoo cogs reel in fear of more to do vended outputs, mentioned in despatches all power to roboboss, the cock of you. My unfamiliar tree Am I here at the base of a tree branches above growing exponentially kith and kin ordered by 'dob' ancestors names familiar to me yet many, strangers connected distantly. Emergency showbiz Wailing sirens herald performers, onto a roadside stage pulsing lights paint a meagre backdrop ghoulish groundlings gather 'nothing to see' adrenaline shots all round uniformed flash mob enters on cue scripts unwritten though well-rehearsed bronze prompter from a discrete corner, directs an invisible melodrama numbed witness makes a quick change, for a cameo role 'show's over' what no curtain call? 'move along now' the stalls reluctantly empty that's emergency showbiz folks! Time in mind I close my eyes to count the time a different clock ticks in my mind repeating sounds of bygone chimes my deconstructed tick-tock thrives. Mourn me at Starbucks If I die soon please mourn me at Starbucks So I may take the rocky road to the big coffee house beyond If no longer a human being I’d rather be a coffee bean Ask the Barista to prepare me ‘to go’ as a large mocha Frappuccino Me as a beverage for a special journey Brewed instantly for an eternity. This humble prayer is for you Dad I'm all cried out for you Dad and yet eternally grateful for all the thoughtful, careful and gentle gifts you shared with me... ...yes I feel them now so clearly. In life you were a diminutive giant of infinite joviality, boundless love and wholehearted compassion, now transformed into my compass, map and faithful guide... ...thank you and bless you. No you listen! Let me be the judge, big stone on its way I see what you are, straight away! Mallet pigeon in a hole and yes, smell of fish Surprise! crocodile tears, you have shoes to match? bitch! Turning my stomach, You're one nasty slice think you're so sweet But don't taste very nice? Ticket for the slime ball Oh that sums you up No, you listen to me cos I've had enough! Lighthouse O burning beam of light, glowing so warm, wise and bold Illumination for uncertain travellers, your energy helps mould. Why does your mighty lantern dim, to foreign eyes, now seem to fade? Please return to shine bright, once more, on those loving friends you've made! What counts You know what I'm up to? that's a big laugh, you haven't a clue! Think you can judge me? don't even start, I'm not in your psychic zoo! So, I'm not all there and stuff comes out wrong okay, that's nothing new! Just listen, I've changed, I feel it, can't see it? what counts here, it's true! Haunted by the heartless Ghosts, ghosts, why do you haunt me so! Poke missing limbs into my gut? Leave my skeletons alone! I can't seem to keep this closet shut! Go, go, no more mysteries and mazes, I'm too serious to be toyed apart! I didn't come here to be played with, by lesser spirits with no heart! Light protects me Psychic vampire look behind you, you've misjudged me once before! and by now you may know the outcome, see a shadow at your door? An ancient guardian's light protects me, a supreme shield for all your hate! All the harm will reflect back on you, so I'll pray for mercy, for your fate! This wasn't the plan Big hole in my suit! come and get me out of here, this wasn't the plan! The cause? these scars in my head! get me out of here please, this wasn't the plan! How can I explore this strange place? you've got to get me out of here, this wasn't the plan! How can I survive in this way? can you hear me? get me out of here, this wasn't the plan! I'll try and keep it together! Are you coming to get me out? this wasn't the plan! I thought I was such an ace! get me out of here now, this wasn't the plan! Are you getting close to me? Is that you I can feel? this wasn't the plan! All my buttons are pushed, Where are you? over and out... ...this wasn't the plan! My sweetly hesitant messenger friend... A little sigh in a corridor steals my every certainty, are you seeking my attention? A chance conversation sweeps time's shattered mirror aside, you can have my attention. A cafe rendezvous recalling hard won wisdom from slices of disappointments, now you have my attention. A dreamscape promising opportunities of muffled joy, captures my full attention. Call again my sweetly hesitant messenger friend; I await the next thrilling encounter! Is this a river or a lake? Who are the people on the other side of the river? Which side of the river are we on? Why do we put others on the other side? Why do we insist they come back and join us? What must we look like to them? Is there really another side to the river? Hold on, is this a river or a lake? So whose side are you on? Magical owl A bomb explodes inside her head. The ground gives way. Then darkness. She tumbles down into a pit. The walls close in. No light. A numbing chill that saps her will. All alone. No way out! And yet, She finds that her time has come. Too much at stake. Out of this cruel nightmare mould, a valiant bold amazonian shewolf takes shape. The warrior in her awakes and is propelled into the swirling storm. Soon battered, bruised, betrayed but learning fast! Now looking back, no trophies. no honours for valour shown. No tributes for the triumphs gained. No stories and songs recounting the legends of hard won conquests over unjust foes. What is the legacy for this battle-scarred warrior princess? A fearless heart beats from within her golden glistening breastplate. Peace reveals dignified nurturing wisdom of a modest, proud, passionate woman, devoted mother and magical owl. Cursed Order! Tout dépend de vous Ney! Heart frozen, this last stand scares my angels away. No advance or retreat in this hopeless act of delay. No self pity keeps the cold judgement of an avenging sabre at bay. Cursed order! Lost glory! Doomed day! Happy Sleep Abducted from happy sleep. Sweet headlights flicker and flare. Fading dreams wrestle with the bright florescent senses. Strange night time cast bow and exits stage right. Rude world, noisy and judging. Journey back through the land of crazy sleepless bandits. Bed and happy sleep awaits. Broken toy No play today or yesterday, tomorrow may go the same way. No blame for those who shun, the ex-toy that is no longer fun. Stopped still, no part to play, in others imagined fantasy. Frozen object now a contradiction, this broken toy is both fact and fiction.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 13th Oct 2013 10:31

Hi Kevin - a belated welcome to WOL!

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