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Katie Thornberry

Updated: Wed, 22 Aug 2018 08:03 am

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My passion for writing is driven by the pain, the loss, happiness and the understanding of the mind and body From which is all my own perspective 22 years old But as I tell my 2 year old daughter, wisdom does not stem from age, but life itself You can be 10 and have more heart than at 50.


Mental captivity. No freedom for the mind. Look me in the eyes and say nothing. Create a perspective on who you think I am. Blinded by the color of my skin and the tone of my voice. Distracted by the eyes that speak. The pain lingering on every inch of my demeanor. From the feelings that are bobbled inside too the touch of my fingertip on your skin. Electrifying energy that stabs through your chest. Giving you every reason to feen for more. Observing everything around me and feeling the pain and happiness of the souls I encounter. I'm exhausted for the aura of my people is draining my intention of touching souls in a positive manor . For the negativity is overpowering. The ones your suppose too love become a burden. A burden that's taking advantage of the kindness radiating from the heart. The weak exploit poor intentions of gaining empowerment from the source that is nourishment too the poor spirits of their life. Talking down too uplift. Creating a negative outlook on what's pure too feel better. For the soldiers left fighting know the strength lies within themselves. spreading nothing but positivity. leaving what may deflect their happiness in the dark. While silently moving towards greater hope.

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Big Sal

Wed 22nd Aug 2018 13:53

I love the anti-ageist theme in your Bio. Rings true to self. Good luck on posting, and welcome to WOL, you'll do fine here I'm sure.?

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