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Kath Dodd

Updated: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 09:16 am

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I write when I find a good reason to do so. Based in Carlisle I have two publications 'Sugar Butties on the Doorstep' and 'Sugar Butties and Mersey Memoirs' which recall my childhood in '50s Liverpool. I returned to writing poetry last year , after a trip to New York where I wrote 'New York Number One' which was published by Dogma. Most recent performance at the Eatery 120 Speakeasy Dublin.


The Lemonade Man He would appear from the distance, trundling his little cart along the dusty Lane. An oasis of colour, he jangled, bringing sweet music to the ears of heat weary children lolling on kerbs. The Lemonade Man brought the sparkle back with his fizzy festival of pop. Ocean Dreams Weathered. Like battered old leather; sea salt embedded in every fibre. ancient mariners spent landlocked lives moored at the Pier Head, watching waves, while we chased seagulls; not to know what distant ocean dreams, had drawn their silent vigil, as the ships passed by. Smog Everything disappeared on smog days, walking to school through cloud. Shapes loomed through the gloom while, from the River Mersey fog horns bellowed. Like strange monsters of the deep. Treading Carefully At St Agnes' School for girls, the floors mirrored our inner grace, as we trod the polished boards, in mandatory, bright, white plimsoles; while our stiletto heeled headmistress' audible approach, would wield sufficient warning for the nail-files to be hidden, cigarettes put out, and 'Hamlet' found beneath the piles of girly magazines The Long Wait Bright, floral headscarves, keep tight perms from damp, as weary, weathered women wait, in drizzle, with the gravestones at St Oswald's Hall. Spectres in the gloom, they wait their wait, and watch, as time ticks by. Like sheep, they flock; as those behind the door begin to brace themselves and watch the chosen one release the bolt and run, then, tigers now, the charge is on, The Jumble Sale's begun! Tadpoling Tadpoling at Sefton Park, took us to leafy lanes, where the rich lived, in fabulous houses, their fabulous lives. We'd bring jars with string and little nets from ' Woollies' then spend the day wandering through rhodedendran paths and willow trees, until we found the smiling 'Peter Pan', And there we'd eat our sandwiches with pondwater hands. As evening fell we'd catch the bus back to our little terraces, teeming with people. Like tadpoles in a pond. New York Number One We met on East 55th with 7. It was love at first sight As we lingered over Fresh delhi fruit whizz On 42 with 6 we stopped For coffee and begal And New York buzzed Around our bubble. I got to know you better As we strolled 6 with 10 11 and 12. Your smile beguiled. Time melted as our Love blossomed on Washington Square Park And we kissed on 10th with 5 Later,the Times Square neons Joined the stars to celebrate Our love as, hand in hand, We glowed on 42nd with 7. That night I lay awake In my hotel, restless for your Presence and longing for The morn. when we would meet On 2nd with 14th Street. Or was it 7th with 14th? Or 3rd with 22nd? Or 9th with 42nd? I never was much good with numbers.

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Mon 30th Nov 2009 01:02

Hi Kath

I really enjoyed these poems. Very well crafted too. I liked:

what distant ocean
had drawn their
silent vigil

very lyrical. And the "Tadpoling" was triffic. I've noticed that in next to no time, people have forgotten Woolworths ever existed. Maybe that's just down here in London. I remember 'the nets' too!

I shall pop-by again and read more of your great memories.



ps. 'Eating sandwiches with pondwater hands' is such a great image.

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Andy Humphrey

Wed 21st Jan 2009 10:04

Really enjoyed your poems, lovely slices of nostalgia - I grew up just across the water from you, have lots of relatives in the areas that you've written about, you conjure those scenes so evocatively!

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clarissa mckone

Mon 26th Nov 2007 02:54

I enjoyed so much reading your poems, It was as if being there and seeing it all, hearing it all and understanding so well the feelings involved. your poetry is wonderful thanks

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