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Julie Boyle

Updated: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 12:18 pm

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Julie Boyle is based in Rochdale and is new to reading her poems in public but is determined to do more and get better.


In An Asylum She got locked in an asylum. There were no seekers there. Just a lot of perverse, fucked up Freakers, witches and ghouls. One Abe magician into black magic and Cruel sadistic Satanists like Alistair Crowley Worshipping the devils they wished they could see Which throw them across the floor viciously When they try to make them rise Using the pentacles and laments to disguise They're left twittering and shivering - feared to death In the corner suffering from mental ill-health. But there were also those who had chosen To stand up and speak freely and true. Who will turn round and say, “Fuck all of you!” We’ll bow to no man for they are never right The ones that start wars are never willing to fight. So they lock us away and tell us to take our medication Leaving us doped up and quiet. Fearing we may start a revolution from a riot. This countries ruled by left-handers Who role up their left suit trouser leg blindfolded They salute something that’s not there Silly old men praying to mythical creatures - half man and half goat, Because of the false scriptures and what was wrote The left handed path leads the wrong way Down under it is were they will stay Sometimes the whispers break through to our brain Thank God they're on a different plane. And yes we can blame the kings and queens That want to have power and worship such things. False idols and made up gods Sacrificing their goats and frogs. In their covens on Samhain which they call Halloween They think that at night they can go in between This world and the one which is hidden. They’d shit themselves if they could see what has risen. To the cross roads they go to sacrifice a cockerel or crow With their books on black magic they call the Grimoire Full of evil rituals they’re fuckin’ sick individuals. The One Eyed Fool Horus the one eyed babbling fool Wishing to rule us all Strutting around like a soulless shadow Who runs and hides when the Almighty’s out Back in the hollow tree no doubt I’ve been through the Qabbalah and met him there Dis-embalmed and in despair Suffering and fading upside down and back to front Were nothing is right they have no strength to fight Enticing the innocent to do wrong from right With Isis your mother or is she your lover You sick muther-fucker you’re all interbred Interbreeding with those who are dead That’s probably why you've got a falcon head

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<Deleted User> (4725)

Mon 11th Aug 2008 15:50

The One-Eyed Fool made me giggle, and In An Asylum is fantastic. You manage to reference the occult in a meaningful, non-pop culture format, and it is a real breath of fresh air.

<Deleted User> (5646)

Mon 19th May 2008 20:26

Hey, where did you go to my lovely?
There's so much truth in these poems.
I'm new to the site and scouring profiles. Incidentally, yours is the second one tonight i've dropped onto which were written on my Birthday.

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clarissa mckone

Mon 26th Nov 2007 03:36

amazing great poems, enjoyed reading them

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