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J.R. Daniel

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Amateur poet who just wants people to read his work. Maybe enjoying it will be the readers response.


Dream Chaser Never again in my life will I chase a dream. I am done, officially retired from the dream chasing business. That’s not to say I don’t have lofty goals. I am just going to go about achieving them in a different manner. I will never chase a dream again. Instead, I will follow a path. Chasing implies that you may never catch what you are after. Chasing implies a sense of urgency that is forced upon you. There is no fluidity in a chase. Chasers are often ungainly in their gait. Chasers are susceptible to tripping and falling; a risk they face because of the unpredictable nature of a chase. Chasing a dream is no longer in my psyche. Following a path will oftentimes take a while. It will oftentimes feel very tedious. It will oftentimes test your resolve and try your patience. It can be monotonous and it can be a long winding path, but you know there is an end. Taking it one step at a time is a cliché that holds true in this sense. Stop chasing dreams, map out a path and follow it rigidly. Bring people along with you for support. Every journey is made easier with travel companions. Easier does not mean easy, but it definitely makes things more manageable. Follow your path. I am going to follow mine. I am no longer chasing dreams. I still have dreams, but I am determined to make them markers along my path to achievement. A path I have mapped out and can see the end of. The end is on the horizon.

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