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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 15th Mar 2017 12:15

Hi, Jerry,

Welcome to WOL.

You have certainly started an interesting topic, and such an important one for new writers, (and experienced ones also.)

The discussion has gone into many arenas associated with writing, my insert included. Way beyond what I think you intended.

If the photo is actually you, and I hope it is, you look very young. So -write whatever you want, about anything you want, however you want. Just write, and write and write -about everything, for yourself. Keep a notebook. If it's on computer, be sure to copy to a thumb-drive so that you never lose your ideas.

Write in whatever language is most comfortable to you, not for the sake of 'being clever'. Empathy (big word) is probably the most important idea in writing poetry. Because, eventually, you will be writing to connect with other persons. It is inevitable.

And read, Jerry, if it's possible. And speak your own words out loud, to find best rhythm and the 'best word' to use from your personal stock of vocabulary.This is really important because poetry is truly meant to be passed on by speaking.

Have fun. Have FUN!


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