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J. C. Fleming

Updated: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 02:33 pm

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Hello all! I'm 26, from the middle of England. I'm very much new to poetry, but have turned my hand to it recently as a new method of emotional and artistic outlet. Outside of this, I'm a professional musician, both a performer and composer. I think, then I write (sometimes the other way around). I love to create, of course, and the one thing that has always upset me is that I can't draw. I can see fantastic images in my head, but I can't convey them to anyone. Music is limited - whilst it can conjure images in the mind, it can't always show exactly what the composer is thinking, BUT, poetry (all literature) can; so this is my way of getting these vistas and tales, and scenes out of my head and into someone else's! I'm always open to feedback and constructive criticism, so if my work moves you (either goodly, or badly) then let me know!


Elysium ________ Golden fields. Elysium. Happier days I have never felt, beside the one who calls to my soul and dances with me through all eternity. To the end of time. I could walk through these glittering fields, never wanting for anything, except that love. The love which guides me, warms me, holds me, in deepest contentment. I look, and I see, there! Before me, green eyes shimmering gold: the rapture of bliss, and in that moment, I breathe… And feel, again, the warm embrace of love’s fire. A burning flame, everlasting. A fire that burns green. And gold.

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Wed 28th Oct 2020 17:04

My welcome to WOL also extended and thanks for the recent Like on one of my poems.


P 👍

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