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Hi! My name is Jamie and I am a 15 year old transgender male. I write poetry to deal with my gender dysphoria. I've been told I can write good 😂


This Isn’t Love “This isn’t love,” the Others say, as red gleams continue to cascade. “This isn’t love,” the Others repeat, just as your blurred eyes focus on a time where you weren’t beat. “This isn’t love,” is a record played for you everyday, yet it never seems to stick in your brain. The names they call you, the bruises left behind, it is all just a simple sign. They love you, and even if They didn’t love you, you would still deserve this; all the time. The awful names you are called, the beatings you have to endure, this is all just a wimpy battle compared to the major war. “Just hit her,” They tell each other out loud, as if you aren’t even in the room. “Just hit her, it’ll end all of our misery and doom!” Frustration pricks at the edges of your blurred eyes, streaks of blue cover your thighs. You say nothing though, for you should be grateful; Grateful for the very few enjoyable memories that they gave you. But you aren’t grateful, that’s the issue. You’re sad, angry, devastated, and hurt; You try not to think about the consequences if they heard. “This isn’t love,” quickly comes to mind, but you push that thought aside. The Others could never understand how much They love you, despite Their aggressiveness towards your bitter and sarcastic attitude. After all, They’ve done so much for you; Don’t complain now over a little bruise.

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