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Updated: Sat, 2 Jan 2021 06:26 pm

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I enjoy writing poetry, as a way to constructively convey my thoughts. My motivation to write is a byproduct of a difficult adolescence in Northern Appalachia, which forced development of many admirable and dubious attributes. My writing reflects the observations of someone who could be considered hyper analytical. Additionally, the writers persona could be considered very outdoorsy. As a positive repercussion of a terrible upbringing, I developed a passion for the solitude of the mountains. Realizing that the problems of the world were below me, when I made it to the top. Through my writing, I hope the reader will recognize and understand the depth of thought that is utilized, while creating some of my poetry. However, do not be surprised by darkness, and brutal truth. It is impossible to tame what is lurking beneath. Some of what I write is not for everyone.

Cold, Creepy, Woods

Cold, Creepy, Woods A twig snaps My pace quickens A large foot falls close behind Cold wind howls above on pointed summits High on this forested trail alone at night Miles from anything or anyone Whatever gives chase crashes through the brush I begin to run, terrified of some creature unseen in the darkness

Mountains of Confidence

Always above, sane through insanity Proud and lofty Authority demanded No bullshit My boot and ski found your rocky slope Above it all, the humanity and inhumanity Always a chance to earn what society would not pay Able to attain something for all the toil, the abuse, the punishment The mountain always pays what it owes For some, it takes more than can ever be repaid But those mountains make men And they made me one Proud and lofty, I earned stature Like imposing mountains

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Sat 2nd Jan 2021 20:57

Thoroughly enjoyed some of your reads and especially the panic experienced when walking through darkened woods at night, since I had a repeat experience as a kid and occasionally it still returns to haunt.


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