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Graham Buchan

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Published 'Airport Reading' (tall lighthouse, 2004), ‘There is Violence in these Vapours’ (tall lighthouse, 2007 “… proves he is a master of ‘viral poetry’ – words that infect the reader with their anger, cynicism and intelligence…..” Agnes Meadows), 'In Bed with Shostakovich' (pamphlet, tall lighthouse, 2009), ‘Lucky’ (Lapwing Publications, 2015 “Buchan has said his piece and there is enough in this collection to remind this reader of how lucky he is.” Write Out Loud). Poems in three dozen magazines, two national newspapers and twelve anthologies. Joint winner Piccadilly Poets 2001, The Cellar Slam Champion 2006. Has appeared on BBC London (TV), BBC London (radio), Resonanace FM, Optical Radio, Sub City Radio, WBAI (New York), Iraqi TV. Appeared at Austin Poetry Festival, 2003 and 2008, Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, Babylon Festival in Al Hillah, Iraq (2014) and 2 two-week poetry tours to New York, 2006 and 2009. Also published short stories, articles, travel writing, poetry appreciation and dozens of film and art reviews. My Gaudi House was Write Out Loud's Poem of the Month in November 2009.


A Father The spikes on the wire are colder than cold. The gruel in the cup is thinner than thin. The trees that we chop are harder than hard. My skin aches; my bones are brittle. In me, a little boy, perishing. (Later, I see so much killing, death is a familiar. I find, later, my mother and father have been murdered. My brothers and sister have been murdered. The house and business are gone. Later, I find a woman and we marry. We have a daughter.) Woof You said you liked it doggy fashion but were surprised when I went woof woof and annoyed when I ran naked into the garden condom dangling and fetched a stick back in my teeth. Please throw my stick Won’t you throw my stick? Go on, throw my stick. I prefer cremation Never mind global warming: the heat death of the universe – that’s the big one. For now.... I’m happy to free my atoms: let them spin off and find new partners in ammonia, methane, the occasional aromatic or polypeptide. The heat death of the universe – that’s the big one.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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steve mellor

Sun 4th Oct 2009 10:38

Hello Graham
I'm not sure if I'm a 'we' but your comment brought your name/profile to my attention, and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed My Gaudi House. I thought it absolutely brilliant.
Perhaps it's closer to my ideas of the expression of love.
Steve M.

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Nichola Burrows

Mon 21st Sep 2009 11:07

Thanks for your comments. My husband said a similar thing and told me to update my history before writing, but I hope I put the idea across.

Hitler not only desecreated humanity but much of the world's Art. I'm not a religious person, but wherever he is I hope he's suffering twelve million times more than the suffering he placed on each individual. Knowing our luck he'll be Satan.s right hand man and come back to haunt humanity at the end of days.

Maybe I should have personified him as War, one of the four horseman of the Apocolypse.

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