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I have a wide variety of writing interests yet my passion seems to lean toward poignant 'fat' purged life truths that many avoid. It could be called naked in mirror poetry. Id like to think Poetry is about much more than rhymes and clever imagery. At the end of the day, poetry is always about people. We read poetry with our eyes, listen to its beauty and pain with our ears, and understand its true meaning with our minds. Yet....poetry, good...deep....poignant poetry, the best poetry, must always be felt within human hearts our spirit. It must be experienced, drawn in not only at the end but from the start. My Goal, dream, is to create poems of cream that rise to the top using piercing words vivid imagery succinct creativity with only one intent in mind; illuminate deep and deeper understandings of our frail, temporary humanity, with prayer in wind to just maybe, perhaps bring us to times we once lived, shared, times we did or didn’t care or take us to destinies we can only dream of being.


THE PROCESS Virgins Question Me Why I Only Process During Season Searching for Affect Seeking Reason, Wild Often Minus Respect For THE PROCESS Humbly I've Acquired Love For a Name Those Who Mock Who Deny This Cannot Hear The Truth Now Therefore, I Echo Only to Present Knowers Holding Lost Hope to Low Hearted Who Can Only Muster Sight to Such Seasons From Alphabetical Demonstrations Minus Spiritual Interpretations I Have No Will for Proof~Bringing Or Utter Where Processing Conceives Innate or conjured Virtue or power Refusing to Define why Tis Called Love Why Virgins Escape Purity of Doves I Am Nowhere Near Perfection Yet Draw Nourishment From That Well THE PROCESS GEEPROCESSOR

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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