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fiona sinclair

Updated: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 04:15 pm


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A balance disorder that rendered me house bound has paradoxically freed me up to focus on my poetry. Consequently,I wrote my first sequence about life caring for an alcoholic mother. This was accepted for publication by Koo Press, Scotland. The Saturday evening that Doug, the publisher, rang me ranks as one of the happiest days of my life. Since then I have worked solidly to produce the work which formed my next pamphlet .A game of hide and seek. This will be published in May by Indigo Dreams Press. This collection is far more optimistic than the previous 'Dirty Laundry' I aim to improve all the time . Recently I have begun to read my work at poetry meetings . I have found this terrifying but I aim to improve my performance. This is all very ironic since I am a teacher but as it was pointed out to me I am laying myself bare when I read my own work rather than delivering a poem by Larkin say to a class. My subject matter does focus on my somewhat colourful past but I now write on strange events or incidents I observe.


When a sex symbol takes to sensible shoes Suddenly across the store, through a middle aged bottle glass blur, I spot blonde hair familiar as a logo, but hesitate unable to make out that fantasy body drawn by an adolescent boy on his exercise book. Close up, these photographs from the ‘Misfits’ are like meeting an old friend after a debilitating illness. Trademark eyeliner has become heavy shutters closing on the empty windows of a house whose occupant has left. Her body still forms a perfect 8 but is not gift wrapped in gold lame instead she is a hillbilly’s wife in white cotton Sunday dress posing in a Steinbeck farm yard. Looking down the barrel of the camera, lips no longer part in the throes of an orgasmic O, but are forced into a localised smile. The confection of a single 1950s picture draws my eyes like wasps to a baker’s window, leaving me craving other heyday poses, addictive as sugar. Paying my last respects to the snapshots from her final film, I notice, more shocking than being shared around like a joint by the Kennedy boys’ club, her comfortable shoes. Fear of Letter Boxes She listens all morning for the letter box’s warning that causes her pen to skid across a page. Careers downstairs scanning the door mat, gingerly pokes a pile of junk mail where buff envelopes often lurk like adders under compost. Opens as if defusing a bomb. Hospital appointments are welcome as negative test results. Shreds Reader’s Digest’s practical joke. Down grading her fear to code orange at a drift of white letters, knows even these are not always innocent as they appear. Sometimes, the friendly face of familiar handwriting or an invitation surprising as a modest lottery win. Still no ‘all clear’ by 12 o’ clock, she peeps from curtains, catching the post man passing her gate, exhales as if missed out of a house to house search. Sundays, strikes and snow, she is a school kid whose bully has been excluded for a few days.

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David Cooke

Thu 12th Apr 2012 15:56

Thanks Fiona for the kind comment on my Ziyad poem!

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Gareth Writer-Davies

Tue 27th Mar 2012 19:55

Thanks for your comments on The Funny Farm : )

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Gareth Writer-Davies

Tue 27th Mar 2012 19:55

Sex Symbol/Sensible Shoes is very fine

"localised smile" will remain with me

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Marianne Louise Daniels

Tue 27th Mar 2012 12:27

Hello Fiona,
I have enjoyed reading your posts - you have exceptional talent and have found this pieces incredibly moving and poignant.

Thank you.

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Nick Coleman

Wed 7th Mar 2012 17:30

Welcome. enjoyed reading these.
like adders under compost -know just what you mean!
Hope you post some more of your work

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 7th Mar 2012 17:11

Hi Fiona - a very warm welcome to WOL. I hope you enjoy exploring the site. The best way to get some feedback (if that's what you'd like) is to put a poem on the blog section. I really like the sex symbol lady in her sensible shoes - love the Steinbeck farmyard! And the wasps drawn to the baker's shop window image. Really nice :)

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