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Emilie Jupiter

Updated: Sat, 14 Jan 2017 11:46 pm

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I write poetry when I feel things and sometimes when I can't


Synergy: Electricity flows from my fingertips to yours In a fusion of chemicals so natural and raw I adore every ounce of your being What we said that night that made the colours change Has stayed in my brain, a strange mixture of sensations The creation of a bond so scientific and strong I could be wrong but is a formula complete without the soul? Even though there’s “nothing but chemistry here” My dear you could speak in equations and I’d still hold on to every number and symbol So simple but complex Because really, how do we define ‘love’? A sensation from above, a higher power, a foggy romanticised shower of affection and a presentation of what we should aspire for Or, perhaps, there is no definition I could get lost in the science of it all But I couldn’t fall harder than I already have How to put into words something indescribable It’s viable that I could create a sentence that came close But even then, I suppose, I’d rather show you That we are synergetic And if the proof isn’t in the way it feels when we kiss I could list another hundred reasons The levels of serotonin in my brain Argue that yes, it sends one insane But insane is an understatement for this

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