I'm retired computer tech.a widower as of January 2019, Viet Nam veteran, who loves the water. I've been around the world. I've driven a nuclear power Submarine, flown Sail planes, and loves Bowling, playing pool, and swimming. I am a published author ( The Beacon a collection of poems by me) is my website for more info concerning me! I'm a 5th Degree Black belt, and absolutely enjoys good people. I mean decent, honest, for real People who don't play games.

The Beacon

We live on a little ball in the deeps of space. We choose not to live together as one people, so we draw boundaries that create conflict. We allow greed to abound and cruelty to go unchecked. How then do we call ourselves civilized? What possesses us to know that GOD is all that is, however, you perceive HIM, that any of us exist outside of HIM? This knowledge changes the whole concept Of religion. You see all of us are part and parcel, a part of the Creator! Therefore, commonsense dictates, that which do to others, we do to the Creator. Now how does the world treat GOD? I have searched the world over for the answers to life's most challenging questions. Amid that search, answers rang out to me in rhyme and verse. I mean that literally, two of these poems appeared to me out of thin air. The rest just flowed from the opening that they made. I give these for the enlightenment of those who find poetry a means to understanding their lives and expanding their horizons. The written or spoken word, are the most powerful forces in the universe. The universe began with it and all that we see today, is only possible because of words. Words start wars and Words declare peace. Let these words open your hearts and minds, so humanity can survive.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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