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I am me, a thinker, a dreamer, a believer. I am never what you expect. I offer a taste of a radically different way to see the universe, and interact with the world. Honestly. I flow with the current of life, giving my best self, or the best that I can muster at any given time. I lothe dishonesty, violent actions, and words. I honor all that is genuine, or real. I value that which comes from a place of love, of peace... a place of light, let it shine.. everywhere... always... Namaste~ Ms Elyse ~A Journey In Poetry and Prose~


~Desinence~ I’m trying and I’m feeling, oh.. mostly anger with Just coming off the battle of my mind, the primordial limbic trickster shifting polars riding the new bursts.. then familiar down status? too much dissonance in this head never quiet and angry with myself for failing to harness another Primordial limbic spring burst For failing to be sain? nor do I have anything resembling profound exhausted, but no sleep sun has begun its skyride I think last night I battled myself from perfection to hell in a poem called a truce. my phrases sound frazzled, as my chemically boomeranged brain. and forcing it in, doesn't mean it fits. i can relate, this madness in-genius. can’t even seem to stay… just right, lucidly see in the still move beyond existence, live here we go again… Tell myself be happy… laugh at the ones that can make happiness a choice. and you just know the mess is gonna is go boom? ____________ CC Elyse Bontrager ~The Raping~ I use to dream of the life I would lead. A life that I will never know. For the pain has striped me of my strength, as it throbs in every nerve, every bone… Night finds me pacing my cage, dazed, and sleep deprived… Too many restless and sleepless nights. And always lurking inside my mind, the darkness that takes me over. Raping my thoughts. Turning myself against me, until consumed by my own loathing… the belief- I could possess no less worth, becomes truth to me. I use to dream of the life I would lead. That dream, now a nightmare, taunting- paints its delusions within my brain. The vision of failure complete… finds me curled into my pain. Into the blackness, clinging to a flicker of hope- that there is more to be had, other visions to see, another dream in my life, to dream… ____________________________ CC Elyse Bontrager

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