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Oh to be loved. As we shared the mirror as we brushed our teeth my eyes wondered until I focused on the reflected picture of us. Us in our pjs after a long day of being apart doing things that life acquires us to do. School, work, kids. Then my mind wondered, it was Halloween night, and I thought about my cousin how she went to Austin to a fun filled night of costumes, drinks, parties and laughs to remember. And all I could think was how lucky I was to be safe at home brushing my teeth next to my wonderful husband getting ready to go to sleep early for another uneventful day tomorrow. And I couldn't be happier, we kissed and kissed just like we used to when we were kids. Maybe he felt lucky too. Like seasons change so did our love, so did our lives. Hot as summer day next to a pool as our popsicles melted down our arms like one of those sweet, sticky days in the back seat of my car. And the next we could be that awfully cold day in winter, where the air is so still the silence is haunting, where the clouds are so dark it makes you miserable to do anything. Even smile. Today it is winter. Even in the middle of fall, it's that day in winter to me. The days we pass by eachother in silence, the nights I get in bed and receive the cold shoulder. And I'm left alone and freezing in my own dismal thoughts. Oh to be loved on those winter days. To know you are loved by a simple hug or kiss. Which we haven't done either in nearly 3 days. And there's nothing I can do. But wait to be loved like an orphaned dog on the side of the road. And how ironic it is that winter is usually my favorite time, while he favors the summertime. But the way each is represented seems to be true. Summer is to sunshine as winter is to snow. When everything dies, and everything's gloomy. And in summer you cannot hide from the warmth of the sun pressing on your cheeks. It is November 2nd 2016 It's still warm outside, but my body heart and mind are in the slow stages of hypothermia.

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