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Born to a woman with no man around in Los Angeles CA., abandoned, lived with various families in the foster care system , adopted by a single-mother at 7 years old. Grew up in Azusa, CA.(suburb of LA). Usually hung out with older kids, seemed to get them better than kids my own age. Got turned onto punk rock at around age 9 or 10, good ole Rodney on the ROQ. Skateboarded, read a lot of books(was an only child, so enjoyed characters in books for peers), played trombone and a little piano, surfed a little, and grew up little by little, bought a guitar at age of 18 or 19 with own money(worked various part-time jobs from 15,needed to buy cassettes and records and books! !) Moved to Sandy Eggo at 19, lived here and there all around Sandy Eggo(Ocean Beach, Golden Hills, Encinitas, North Park, Downtown, Hillcrest, etc for 10 years). Made many great connections and friends in the music scene of the 90's(SD was hot for music, RocketFromtheCrypt, TrumansWater, ThreeMilePilot, HeavyVegetable,CrashWorship,DriveLikeJehu,Powerdresser,Inch,AntiochArrow,Heroin,ClikatatIkatowi,Physics, and many more ! !) Than moved to Japan in 2000 and have been living in Nagoya area playing music, writing poetry, teaching English, creating art, cooking and enjoying Japanese food - - to the best of my ability ! !

A Mirror and its Refection Sitting in a Yakitori

A mirror and its reflection sitting in a yakitori restaurant fluttering between their own imagery, looking for acceptance, looking for satisfaction, looking for closure, looking for destiny filtering through like cracks in a sidewalk - - echoes of ourselves as eggless chickens with their heads cut off blending unnaturally like amoebas in a petri-dish ! !

Musings of a Natural Orchestra

I climb the backs of all the heaped up waves, the sounds coming off entice me beyond any instant comprehension - -like gusts of wind frolicking among the trees which have conglomerated in a long valley that stretches among the backbones of ancient mountains- - I sense whispers dripping off the vibrating air, an orchestra of wind and tree limbs if you will, not so much a language as a feeling or even an instinct that sings upon my bones that morality is a weakness of the human brain as is mortality of the human body.

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