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Dear Anxiety 🥀

They said you can only live inside my mind, Somehow, you found a way to live throughout my entire being. You are my biggest enemy. You are my biggest fear. Every time you appear, you take my breath away. I can’t breathe, the air is getting thicker. My heart beats quicker, it skipped a couple beats, And your voices keep repeat, Inside my head. You’re like an endless cycle of torture, A daily routine I wish I could skip over. I tell myself that I’m okay, Because I just wanted to get through the day. I’m contemplated, I’m trying to conversate, but I can’t even concentrate. You live inside me. You are my inner demons, You take over my mind, body, and soul. My heart is slowing turning cold. You trained me to feel unworthy, insecure, but somehow my heart is still pure. I can’t love myself, because you are me, and I hate you. - Wanwisa🥀

💌 Letter to you💌

Your Presence is my favorite song I can listen to it all day and it will never get old. Out of all the places in the Universe, When I’m with you , I feel seen. In a room, filled with a million people, You’re the only thing that can grasp my attention. I want nothing more out of this partnership than to help you become the best version of yourself. You also bring out the best version of me, You taught me genuine love that I have never felt. Flaws and all, to me, you are the most amazing person that’s ever existed. You’re the reason why my standards for love are so high, Because of the way you made me feel, no one comes close to. You made the word “love” feel exactly how it sounds like. I’m your biggest fan, I’m also your biggest supporter. I can also be your biggest headache. Even on the days, you hate me the most, I will never stop loving you, Because I’m in love with being in love with loving you. I can’t promise you I will be perfect. In fact, I can promise you I won’t be. I’m still learning how to love myself... Let alone learning how to love you properly. But learning how to love you will also help me to love myself… I want you to be the best you, And I’ll be the best me, so we can become the best we. I’m an overthinker and I’m also an empath… I feel too much for everyone. I often put others before myself When I love, their troubles become mine. I try to heal them from their traumas. It’s my love language, That’s why it’s important for me to release you if you’re not bettering yourself... It’s not love if I lose myself loving you… Sincerely, Babygurll🌹

💌 "I wish you were never born"🥀💔

It hurts when I look at you, your words are so cruel, so hard to get through. It left my heart full, of hate, unforgettable pains. Your words cut deep through my veins, and, it always remains, like a bloodstain, creating sorrow and shame. “I wish you were never born.” Your voices stabbed, through my broken veins, left with so much pain, suicidal thoughts flooding through my brain, My soul is completely drained… Your words should be a crime. It reminds me every time, that I’m not worth a dime. Your words shattered my dreams, your voice screamed, “I wish you were never born.” It left my heart torn. Someday, these feelings will be gone. My heart is getting numb, Shattered, turning into crumbs, because of the person, I call, “Mom.” You told me, you love me, but you always bring so much pain, The way I love, will never be the same. Every day, it always rains. With you, I’m always full of tears. The way you love, slowly turning to be my biggest fear. My dreams, Need to be supported, but you wish you had me aborted. You gave me a wing to fly, now you wish I would die, wanting to cut ties, my dreams slowly die. As time fly, all the tears will slowly dry, and, there will be no more cries. You said, “I was a mistake”, my heart breaks, the honest truth, I couldn’t take. My soul just needs a break. “Nobody wants you anyway.” Something that you always say. My heart wonders, What makes you think this way... Though, all the painful words, that hit like a sword, I will always put you first… You are the reason why my heart is jaded, but my love for you will never be faded. I will no longer suffer, just because you are my mother. I need to be strong, because you are so wrong. I am not who you say I am. I will never be, I can’t let your words define me. That’s why I’m setting them, all free. That’s why I’m letting them, all be, because they do not, define me… I’m writing this letter, to let go of all the anger, so I can be stronger, I just want you to be better, as a mother. I’m not writing this to put you to shame, nor to blame, I just want you to recognize my pain, so you don’t put me through it again… ~Your daughter 🌹

💌 Memories Of You🌹❤️

Your memories are my favorite CD player, The one I keep replaying over. I replay the memories, The countless conversation we shared. Sometimes, my mind wonders, If you still care... At night, I pray for your safety, for your care, because of the world we live in, is not fair… If I lose you, I will lose myself, because you are a part of me... I pray, for the next time we cross paths, You’ll be the best you, I’ll be the best me, We’ll be the best we… Losing you, was one of my biggest fears. Now you’re not even here, but somehow the memories of you still appear, In my dream, and my heart screams. I’m at war. Countless battles, between my heart and my mind. My mind is telling me to let go, But my heart is telling me no. You said, “I need you to be stronger” But my heart is still triggered. I just want to be with you forever… “I’ll never leave”, was one of the promises you can’t even keep. Late nights, I'm losing sleep, because your voices keep repeat, Inside my head. You told me, you love me, and you left me at my worst, it had me questioning my own worth, that’s when I learned to put myself first. Is this how you love? I’m slowly learning how to live without you. I had no clue how to... You’re not the same. Who am I to blame? But I’m still proud of who you became. You're not the person I once knew. People grow, time flew. Letting you go, is the hardest pill. Our memories? The time will kill but my love is the same still, and it always will... Our bond was so strong, and, Your presence was my favorite song. With you, where I belong. Sometimes, my heart wonders, where did we go wrong? As each day goes by, As time flies, Memories of you will slowly die… but our soul will always be tied, because you’re still mine. I’m letting go, I don't want to miss you, anymore... I’m letting the time heal, the feels. I’m the letting time kill , all... the memories, the histories. I’ll make this the last letter, It's for the better. I just want these feelings to be over, I promise, I will be stronger, for the next time, we meet each other. I just want to let you know, your babygurll will love you forever. ~Babygurll🌹

💌 Stranger That I Still Love ❤️🌹 UNF..

You are nothing but a memory, full of mysteries. The only thing that was strong was our chemistry. Who would’ve known that we’re just temporarily… I remember you as the man who broke my heart. I understand that people grow apart, but you will always have that place in my heart, because my love for you has been real from the start. I can't look at you the same, anymore. Ever since you walked out that door. My love for you, still pure, even when you hurt me, to the core. When you left me at my worst, It left me questioning my own worth. That’s when I learn to put myself first. Maybe we’re not meant to be with each other, but I wish you find better. Your happiness, to me, is all that matters, Even if we’re not together. Now I understand why they say that love is blind. Try to see the goods in a person, even when they crossed the line. Now there’s a regret in my eyes, because I ignored the signs. Late nights, you are roaming in my mind. I hope happiness is what you find. You’re not the same. Who am I to blame? But I’m still proud of who you became. You're not the person I once knew. People grow, time flew. Letting you go, is the hardest pill. Our memories? The time will kill but my love is the same still, and it always will… ~Babygurll 🌹

💌My Favorite Chapter Of The Book🥀📔UFN

If my life was a book, our chapter would be my favorite. The one that I would never get rid, because the love I have for you is infinite, I gave you my heart, without a compromise. The love I have, you never recognize. Our future, I often fantasize, your chapter, I would go back and revise. The way we ended? it was my fault. I apologize... ~Babygurll Tai 🌹

“It Was Just A Dream.” 🥀

You hurt me, I was just an adolescent. You forced your soul, rubbed against, ripped my clothes, took away my innocence. kept touching me, without my consent. Your hands rubbed between my thigh, Looking into my eyes, Getting satisfied, while I can’t breathe and nearly died My bruises, I hide. “It was just a dream” I lied… I told myself, “It was just a dream.” as the truth screams, Blood falling between my legs, like a stream. I wish “it was just a dream.” I tried to wash away the bruise and pain, Scrubbed my skin off, ripped off the shame. Who am I to blame? There is nothing that I can change. My soul will not be pure again… You said, “Don’t tell anyone.” Threatening me with a gun, your eyes had no regret for what you had done. Now that I am twenty-one. All the flashbacks, here it comes. I can’t hide from the truth. I can’t run. You had power over my fears, I kept it to myself for over ten years. When I close my eyes, your face appears, Causing my eyes to swell with tears. Every night, I cry, Tried to find My peace of mind, feelings that were buried inside, wishing you would die...

Soul Ties🌹 UNF (18+)

Your hands rubbing my skin While kissing my chin  Giving your all in… You and I, the closest that we have ever been. I fell in love with the way you care, All the feelings that you share, My broken soul, you try to repair While running your fingers through my hair. When I first met you, we just clicked. Now your attitude making me sick, God damn nigga, you're so fucking toxic. Your mouth is always slick, With that big ass toxic dick... Though all the fuss and fight, You always try to make it right  Falling for you? Yea I might... because it was love at first sight… I still remember  the way you stare, The way you twirl your fingers around my hair, Your vibe is so rare. Sucking your finger, While you’re going deeper, My body is getting weaker, You’re my stress reliever, What a keeper. I give you props. Your smile,  makes my pussy throbs.  Fucking you like you’re one of the oops Sucking off your soul,  Mouth foaming, like a pitbull, giving you that hands twisted, combo. Goat throat, Makes you crack your toes, Slutting you out, turning you to a hoe Making you all mine, and  Zaddy, That’s fasho... Reminiscing, The way you kissed between my thigh  You’re my drug, I’m getting high, Giving me butterflies, Going deeper, looking into my eyes, Getting me satisfied, Our soul is now tied... Getting on top, I slowly ride, Making you moan my name, “ Babygurll Tai” While looking in your eyes. Whispering in your ears, "that dick is all mine…" “ whose pussy is this?” Talking to me while you're destroying my spirit. My mouth, you spit. My lips, you slowly bit, While you're trying to make it fit… Kissing every part of me,  you provoke. My throat, you choke, Slowly, you stroke. Whispering in my ears, “Baby Your Pussy tight”, While I’m creaming, white “Nut In Me Zaddy”, I'm afraid you might... ~Babygurll Tai🌹

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