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I tried and succeeded for a very long time to suppress my need to write. Recently, for reasons unknown, I found myself standing in a bookstore at the checkout with a few gel ink pens and a single small notebook in my hand. When I returned to my desk at work, these word shaped feelings began to leak all over the pages, almost as if they were as relieved to be free of me as I was of being relieved of them. Nevertheless, I felt conflicted when considering whether to upload these strange things once I had rounded them up again. Usually, the majority of poetry makes me cringe; that includes my own. Yet, there are these moments in time when I encountered poetry that touched me in a deeply permanent way. I am not under the illusion that my writing will have that same impact on those that accidentally find it. That said, I do hope that perhaps a single line has that potential. If so, I made the right decision to free it from its page. If you stumble across this small collection of stray objects, it is my sincere hope that you find a single line somewhere that removes you from your reality for a moment.


Look to the shadow and its origin then look again and look away breathe it in and realize all truth is dead.


For the seeker --- the seeking, For the sought --- the desire to be discovered.


"In unity, creation and death; chaos and order, everything and nothing."

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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