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Anwen Lewis

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Anwen Lewis grew up on the south coast of England after her adoption at birth into a family with five other siblings – all boys. Originally born in London to an English mother and Jamaican father, Anwen’s aspirations as a child were well met as a transracial adoptee, other than the desire for a sister. Her cultural experience began to be broadened in the early 90’s on arrival in Manchester to study composition, where she still resides today with a family of three children of her own. Anwen began writing poetry in 2005 and used this medium to help navigate the roller coaster of reunion with her birth family in 2007. ‘How To Weave Time’ is the collection of poems that documents this period in her adoption journey and was published by Crocus Books in 2011


Bound my five-hand band of brothers grew up with the farrowed choice of a sister that still needs explaining or defending see that golliwog over there on the swing a couple of local boys saunter around the playground we were visiting my elder brothers stop their seesaw with a jolt I pretend not to be listening scuffing my brown school shoes to arc higher out of earshot you mean our sister they say to furrowed brows and open mouths they fetch me off in mid sweep to place me in the safety of the witch’s hat surrounded by their tough shoves spinning me to the point of happiness

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Phillip Kelly

Tue 22nd May 2012 22:52

in In memory of Dike Omeje

the sound effects of assonance, internal rhyme and end rhyme works very effectively to create a flow. and i love the way that stanza 3 uses enjambement.........

superb methods of creating flow and rhythm here.

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Mon 26th May 2008 15:23

Love the coconut poem


Thu 8th Nov 2007 10:46 your flow! xx

Moxy Casimir

Sun 24th Jun 2007 16:42

Doin' Moon was AMAZING! All power to your beguilingly fluent cello and your fluently beguiling poetry!

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