59 Years Old Care Assistant. I have feelings that I follow to their finality If a writer has conscious intentions and develops objectives that are willfully sought - then I am not a writer. I have no designs or intentions - there are no effects that I consciously pursue. I experience spontaneity. My purpose therein is to eliminate the natural or automatic or accidental encroachment of any desire (conscious intention) and to leave all to unconscious imperative. In writing; I am present during an event. I create nothing. The State of Being enjoyed at the time of writing is the primary end of the matter - and the artifacts produced are incidental and secondary. I here state commonly understood and widely accepted standards of approach to be clear. I have nothing to offer. I can deliver no meaning or explicatory to any body or to any thing.


I would Love to get a Feel For the Scope of Your Argument A sense of the Depth Of It The Sake of the Grip Your Persuasiveness and Pulsation Your Compelling Vitality Viciousness Love Vindictivity Lust Sorrow The Nasty Crude and Bitter Hateful Reports Mean and Niggardly Soap and Clasp Universal Unlimited Fine and Kind But Subtle Critical Final And There Killing Birthing The Grinding and Pulverizing Destructive Terminal Assessments Estimations and Accounts Discovered Provided Stripping Your Targets Naked Turning Them Dead Reckoning Before Whittling Blazing Torment These Bleeding Victims Food Seed Thus Witness and Student I may Languish To obtain a sense of Your Reasonable Dimensions In Luminous Thralled Activity Exposing the Dead Flesh and Body Of those Haphazard and Crude Voluptuous Fantasists As they Stumble Defeated upon the Maw Of Your Own Decisive Wish. The Nature of Monkey was Irrepressible. What is the reason that Academia holds onto a counter intuitive and unnatural or even impossible in reality hypothesis? Why do they so often in Academia declare theories and hypotheses to be inevitable Law and blatantly attribute certainty and inevitability to such with no logical or reasonable basis? Having done that and exhibited such fanatical extremity - religious conversion as it were - why do they - the attack dogs of Academia then hunt and hound truth seekers as disreputable and destructive? This tendency - this phenomena would seem to be how the vast majority of academia is currently disposed in a perpetual self violating negation of the possibility of credibility or dignity. One of the Things That I would like to be Is Enthusiastic I would like to be Enthusiastic About Things One of the Things That I would like to Feel again Is Orgiastic I would like to Feel again Somewhat Orgiastic Or Embracing Orgasmic and Thrilled Subsequently Replacing Complete Finished Purged Sufficiently in that Would be something Or one thing What We might seek Namely The Luxury I would like to Enjoy Luxury Opulence The Dignity Every so often One of the Things That I would like to Know Is Uninhibited Unbridled Raging Unquenchable Appetite Thirst Hunger Need Longing Cooking Oblivious Screaming Blind Want Never Gratified in any way Implacable Easy Flaunt Impossible Bright No matter a Ubiquitous and Prevailing Superabundance Of Polar Compensations Resolutions Unsatisfied Available Light Eventually And thoroughly remaining Transpiring Bland One of the things That I would like to Be After that Subsequently And Occasionally Is Properly Satisfied Extraordinarily Paradoxically and Nevertheless I should like to Be Satisfied Improbably Violently Vehemently Smoothly Done And in the Absolute contravention Of Our Natural Orders Now and Again But not Once and For All. Lateral Oblique. I am The Not of Done The Finish of There The Fleshpot of Got The Riddle of Square I am The Dawn of Exult The Class of the Drain The Lathe of Tumult The Sum of Explain I am The Trope of the Scent The Wife of the Harm The Sole of Repeat The Blanket of Charm I am The Last of Forgot The Shaft of the Birth The Spike of the Residue The Shadow of Earth I am Not at all bad If You know what I Mean I keep My Sake Ready Come Doughty and Keen Unsteady To Make Chivalrous Mind Presently And all those so Blind Vacantly At Estimate Worth Will Earn the Fair Score A Perpetual Mirth Finally Impregnated The Wage of a Sort I am such Riddled not Bought And in and at That Most Most Empty. The Freedom of Caught The Side of the More Gently The Wake of Remorse The Blank of Retort. #Can I carry out an installation? A free installation? = What is it that you desire to install? Where do you want to install it? = I am currently uninstalled in the Penis Department I am currently awaiting Free installation. = But wait a minute. You will be performing the installation? It is You whom will be performing and as specified Free installation? = Yes. = Then what should you await in that case? Is your service not demanded? = Are You demanding of it? = I could demand of it. Why not? I may demand Free Penile Installation But first. And Before that. Is your product guaranteed? = Well. There can be no certainties in this. The present will have to do. = You say that The present will have to do? That is what You say? = Yes. = So there is and there can be no guarantee? = No. None whatsoever. = Oh I see and If You say so. Are you ready now then? = Yes. I was hoping that Tony would make it through the winter. I mean last winter - he was in hospital for months and he nearly died. During this year I was thinking about the house of the dead by Dostoevsky where he chronicles in novel form the experience he had in the Siberia. I read that a good few times. He describes the whole thing. I read it a good few times. I used to read books over and over. I have got a memory of it. Such as the episode where he teaches a young Circassian to read - using the Bible - the only available text. The beauty of the young man - and the affection he felt for him and then the gratitude of the young man and his brothers for the power he had shared. They became dedicated protectors of him. Then the one about the middle aged pock marked insane artisan peasant who had been sentenced to a flogging but who had espied the 18 year old daughter of the prison governor riding past his cell window and fancied in that that she had seen him and instantly fallen in love with him and was now working to intercede with her father on his behalf and have his sentence quashed. On the day his sentence was to be carried out - he showed no trepidation and approached the hour nonchalantly - seeming to believe that he was to be rescued at the last second. When he subsequently received his blows - he screamed very terribly. That book made me laugh properly. Prisoners marched on foot to Siberia and along the way sometimes identities were exchanged between prisoners. Prisoners would voluntarily claim to be the other at the roll call. Usually it was achieved by bribery and intimidation. A man might swap his name and 5 year sentence for the name of a man with a 30 year sentence - for a red shirt and a rouble. He has a chapter in it called Desperate Men. In it he describes the Psychopaths and madmen he encountered, men whom he could see would have killed him without a second thought if even a very slight advantage were to be obtained in it. The prisoners worked with animals at times. They had a horse - and then a Goat appeared. The Goat had a great personality and the prisoners would at times have head butting contests with it. There were many skilled craftsmen among the prisoners and it was suggested that they gild the goat’s horns to indicate their Love and respect for the animal, but the best Gilder at the camp declared that it would serve no purpose. Eventually the Goat was slaughtered and eaten. The meat being remarkably good. #One of the things That I like Is Cream Crackers One of the things That cream crackers are Is Square A Square Is something that Is a bit more well endowed In the side department Than a Triangle By one more side By 1 side more To be Pacific They are Square As I said These Crackers In Sainsburys You can get a packet of Jacobs Cream For £1 Whereas In Marks and Spencer South End Green By the Royal Free Their Own Label Cream Crackers Are 50p Per packet And they have not got The Jacobs Anyway The packet is longer too While we are at it They are the same size Of Cracker Just more of them A few more of them One or two more of them In the packet I would guess 6 more of them in the packet To be Pacific. #Sex Cork Fuck Bottle Love Hate Full throttle Relationship Relationship Let us You and I have a Relationship Oh let us do! I want to have a Relationship A Relationship With you That is to say You You who is not Me and I I whom am not You There is one of Me here There is one of You there perfect facilities 1 + 1 = 2 Relationship Relationship Me and You Sex Cork Fuck Bottle Love Hate Full Throttle #Naked Exposed Alien Sexual Discipline Transgressive Wild Alien Libidinous Compulsive Abasement Alien Self Control Automatic Negation Alien Agency Capitulation Alien Capacity Cancellation Unlimited Alien Sexual Subordination Sexual Intolerance Sexual Imagination Sexual Annihilation Nubile Storming Shaven Alien Orgasmic Extremity Alien Abandonment Alien Depravity Alien Candy Stick Throttled Right Up Alien Pig Bone Fervid Turpid Alien Cup Thrashing and bleeding onwards upwards into Supreme Alien Steam Alien Tension Alien Release Alien Anal Climax Engorged Increased Alien Pudenda Alien Relax Alien Trace Exotic Element Off world Space Fleet Ejaculate Drained and Purged Alien Ballsack Sexual Distillate Original Alien Master Race Penetrate The God Men The Space Brothers Alien Jism Right here Right now Spilled Right Onto your willing face. Cretin inducement Speaking to you now as a man #One thing that I like is to have enhanced experiences I like it when my experience is enhanced when my experience is enhanced I feel better about things much better unavoidably better things can tend to the run of the mill to the bland to the commonplace to the familiar to the strange on the experience front at some or other moment the apparatus of experience may tend at times at ordinary shadows to present superfluous facilities but such facilities are always demanded and required and inadequate and insufficient in the enhanced context created in the necessity of the developed density of events and forms and their moderations which is the typical dimension of experience enhancement commonly demanded and indulged in faithfully and earnestly in natural curiosity by somebody or other and now and again and here and there hence it is that to die a thousand deaths is the pleasure of the committed and of the sincere in experience. #I like a super smart woman I mean what could be better than having somebody with a grade 1 mind telling you all sharply I mean really really nicely what is going on here and there and round and about I mean presenting their assessment their disinterested reconstructions of sense impressions observations and experiences and the ontological analysis organically proceeding thereforth with an Artistic Methodology meticulousness honesty and fidelity and couched in a context of a highly discriminating facility for categorization and recognition of form pattern correspondence and meaning and all such embedded in the energetic sphere of a profoundly imaginative primum mobile the beating Heart of her feminine goodness the edge of her blade the tower of her power real nice. You see what it is is that #Alien Arse alien buttock alien ringpiece think of it yes think of it pert absolute tidy little alien dirt box alien alien shit alien shitter alien pussy alien tit fuck it alien wit alien ideal ideal alien naked servile compliant coquette alien sex toy alien oblivious doggy dog alien BDSM alien sexually subjugated alien alien erotic arrogance defeated definitely. rape ploy #That what. You do not need. to know is anything that is the only thing the only thing that what you need to know that what you do not know is that what you do not know is that what you have no need for which is anything for any such knowledge such that what you do not know is anything at all such that what you need to know is that what you do not know is anything at all still you do not need it you do not I mean that what you do not know is that what you do not know anything about is anything at all according to your needs. p6sltc cap 1 £375.00 #One thing that I like is living living and fucking I like living and fucking eating and breathing running and screaming pissing and shitting crying and begging Dogging and legging Hotgrave and Dredging One thing On the other hand that I do not like no not at all is dying dying and going I mean trapped and caught sold and bought hunted and sought schooled and taught titration retort final report and another thing. #I may or I may not quote - unquote ‘exist’ for now and for the quote - unquote ‘time being’ I quote - unquote ‘may’ or even must You may quote - unquote ‘harbour feelings of resentment’ towards me you quote - unquote may and if you must I may quote - unquote ‘know nothing’ of quote - unquote ‘that’.

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