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Al-Yasa Khan

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Al-Yasa Khan is a poet, an author, a historian and a philosopher. Born in Preston in 1997, he attended Lancaster Royal Grammar School from 2009 and 2016. He is part of the local Youth Council and has been part of many local campaigns including the mental health campaign to raise awareness of mental health illness and to reduce the stigma amongst young people.


In remembrance of all those who died to give us our freedom. Who Are You? Who are you? Who gave your life for me, all those years ago. Were you young and full of youth? Or had time made you old and slow? Did you have families, Who saw you grow? Spend summer hoping it did not rain? And spend winter wishing that it would snow? Did you have friends With whom you'd go out to play? And when the war broke out, With you, joined the army, without delay. Did you suffer the mud and horror? Gun fire, artillery, gas? Did you see your country men die? And wondered how long it would last? Who are you? You gave your life for me; Gave up your tomorrow, So that today, I could be free. Al-Yasa Khan (01.07.2016)

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