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Alicia Gayle Mahomet

Updated: Tue, 19 Mar 2019 02:17 pm

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A practicioner of words... An engineer of minds... An advocator for the "Others" Just seeking a platform to share.


I came twice in my panties today... And it's only 6:20am It all started in the sublime recesses of exquisite morning sleep In the dream... a strong, firm, familiar set of hands massaged my neck. The kind of massage that is intent on its task, and yet, lingers just a nanosecond too long at particular points. You know, like just under my ears? My body responds in a quiver, and without missing a beat, the strong hands introduce the face and body they belong to, by flipping me over gracefully and effortlessly. And there you very own Adonis. You're hand, all the while maintaining the scintillating motion of "squeeze and release" along my neck, now seeks new territory. As your hands move to caress each of my breasts in langouring yet intent strokes, your tongue replaces the spot on my neck. Intermittently nipping at each of my earlobes, causing electric waves to spread all over my body. My nipples, already budding, now stand erect and beckon your hands, your tongue, your lips, your teeth, to pay them homage, as they offer themselves up to you. Again, on cue your tongue takes in a nipple at a time, then with your thumbs, you work them along in a circular motion. The sensation is ethereal and awakens the nub at the centre of my womanhood to the point of throbbing. It must be palpable, because within an instant your tongue embarks on a thrilling adventure as it crashes into my intimacy. You explore every crevice and mound of my now, very juicy fruit, lapping up juices as though I was an oasis in a desert, and you, a yearning, craving parched wayward traveller. You feast as though you're afraid that what lies before you may be a mirage that may suddenly disappear. And so your sultry languid tracing and teasing turns into urgent determined strokes. Each one urging on and demanding a response. Your efforts aren't lost on me. In fact they ignite an unquenchable unyielding incandescence, stoked by every movement you make. In a surreal state, at the threshold of Sandman's land and here, my own fingers slip down and mimic the movement, pressure and intensity of the motion of your tongue in my dream. Together we steer the course to ecstasy as surreal and reality climatically collide into one another. The intensity causing the volcano between my thighs to erupt. The rest of me convulses in agonising pleasure. Then I wake to realize you're not here. Fueled with the delicious sensations coursing through my body I run my mind through our many encounters. I submerge my fingers into the lava pool that deeply desires your length to explore it's depths, just as it has a thousand times before. Bringing to mind our most erotic journeys I draw out another earth-shattering, core quaking, coming undone-(pun intended) Eventually I pull my thoughts back from their reverie, lift my eyelids surveying my room. And as my eyes rest on my bedside clock I realised ... I came twice in my panties today... And it's only 6:20am G. C. M.

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