Please don't apologise: Swear!

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Swearing, profanity, expletive or just plain crude, does the risk of causing offence outweigh the literary effect a writer or performer can achieve by using a rude word?  Parental Warnings aside, should a poet govern their choice of language to accommodate those of a more moderate temperament, or is it the case that if you cannot handle a bit of publicly-placed profanity then you have no business ...

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Competing For Audience Attention: Is Poetry Enough?

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Why do people go to poetry events?  Or, perhaps more pertinent in the light of some of my recent experiences might be the question; Why don’t people go to poetry events?  Thankfully the success of many events is not measured in audience numbers but if it were then for many organisers the discouragem...

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Write Out Quiet, the Ezine section of Write Out Loud.  I have assembled a talented team and communicated an artistic vision that I wish to ...

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