Your wheat from your chaff

I was doing a spot at a local poetry do - as I'm collating work for a book there are some pomes of which I'm in two minds - is it good enough and so on?
One of my astute readers told me of one she did not like as it was not in my 'voice' - she went on to say that when I wrote it - a couple of years back - I mentioned I was deliberately writing in someone's style (gawd knows whom and how she remembered that either)
Another reader said he loved it.

In the immortals of Harry Hill, "FIGHT!!" anyhow I digress - I told the audience that I auditioning the piece etc - after a mere line or two it was dead - flat, tedious, boring, 1/3 through I apologised saying, "This is utter crap" I finished it anyway and then dismantled it over the weekend and made it good.
It all goes to show the advantage of performing one's stuff - it either lives or it don't ?
Mon, 19 Dec 2016 09:38 am
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