everyone have a sense of purpose and belonging that give meaning to their life with timeline of diversified humans kid,old,adult the prospective is very subjective but whats the most common and makes a pattern i want to find that only ?lets exchange lifes lessons with eachother 😌
Wed, 15 Feb 2023 01:54 pm
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Wow, such a profound question. Why are we here, why do we live? Here to learn so we can expand our growth into our wholeness, perhaps. I think if we feel whole, we feel happy. Whole meaning loved, cared for, hopeful, curious, eager. Also, maybe we are here living so we can heal our woundedness. As we heal, we can help others heal. I like to think of life as a soul's journey....when our bodies die, what then? Mystery...the idea of souls on journey with endless possibilities gives me comfort when we suffer here on earth. Thanks for a great question Nathu! PS poetry helps give our lives purpose, of course!
7 days ago
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