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Tudor Crimbo Bash

Well that were a bit of alright weren't it?! Thanks to Isobel and Pete for compering, and to the mighty Elvis Togher for finishing off the night perfectly. Only about 8 encores I think? ;D Shame about Baz's baptism going a bit wrong :D Although, technically, he was baptised, just with beer instead hahaa :D

Loved Dave Carr's Manflu, and Isobel and her sisters singing - brilliant harmonies! Ooo, and Alvin Stardust - excellent!

Big thanks to Mister John Togher for putting together the 'The Tudor Poets Christmas Book', complete with curly tinsel - I know we all enjoyed writing our last minute pomes and it's a great cause.

I didn't see any mince pies though John. Who ate them all?!

And, did anyone take any pics? There must be ONE of me in me special poetry coat!

Now then, all together for the start of Hawaii Five O...de de de de der derrr, de de de de derrrr.... :D

Fri, 9 Dec 2011 10:09 am
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It was a great night - as usual. Thanks to Pete for volunteering to compere the second half. It was nice for me to chill out and just listen for a bit. I would publish names of all who performed but Pete walked off with the list.

From memory, there was: Cate, Steve Mellor, Anthony Neagle (from Marsden), Paul Blackburn, Julian Jordan, Laura Taylor, Joy, Alvin Sawdust and his partner whose name escapes me, Dave Carr, Steve Regan, Peter (from Bolton), Stella, Graham Robinson, Steve Garside, Ian Hayles myself, Pete Crompton, Elvis Togher. Sorry if I've missed anyone out.

I don't normally do favourites because the standard is always high. I did love Dave Carr's Man Flu poem though. I loved reading the spanish bits - though I felt a little guilty that I got all the funny lines. A brilliant performance piece that I look forward to hearing again.

Around £27 pounds was raised on the night for Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. This will be added to whatever Joy raises on another calendar she is raffling and be sent on in the New Year.

John Togher still has a supply of the Tudor Christmas Poets pamphlet if anyone is interested in buying a copy. They are priced at a very reasonable £3 and include some lovely pieces of specially commissioned poetry!

I'd also like to say how brilliant Elvis Togher is - better than the original, I think. If anyone is looking for that type of act you couldn't go wrong by hiring him.

It's a shame no piccies were taken on the night but I can quite understand why. When you're having a good time, it's hard to start taking photos - you become an observer rather than part of the scene. We'll just have to hold the good memories!

That's me done. Thanks to everyone who came from near and far to attend - the Tudor wouldn't be the Tudor without you. xx
Fri, 9 Dec 2011 01:04 pm
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I enjoyed the night greatly. The atmosphere was superb; the variety of poetry and performance styles very impressive.

And there was an interesting example of survivor poetry which sparked various emotions around the room.

Most of all I enjoyed meeting so many owd friends in such a bo-ho venue.

And Elvis Togher ... he RAWKS!!

After the bash, I somehow managed to crawl home to my boyhood bedroom in Beech Hill - at God knows what time in the morning ... and I managed NOT to vomit, despite my heroic consumption of so much red wine.

Long live the Tudor WOL poetry night!

Fri, 9 Dec 2011 07:41 pm
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Ahh yes a great night.
A couple of people who deserve a mention.
The small but perfectly formed Susie who kicked off the proceedings in fine form.
Also Jaqueline (Jacky) Pemberton with some sensitive verse in the second period.
I should have taken up Pete's offer to film some of the acts in the secod half. Sorry Pete. They are just memories now but good ones.
I was impressed by Peter from Bolton who performed some longish satirical poems from memory. Joy's panto stuff was entertaining. Oh yes it was!
We had an interesting perspective on life from the view of a condom, thanks to Paul.
Ian's Shakesperian/Dickenzian epic was masterful.
Isobel and her sisters rendition of Gaudete was superb.
Graham manaaged to get most of the poets in the Christmas booklet to sign his copy so it must have doubled in value. Just think what it will be worth when we're all dead. If any of us start dying off under mysterious circumstances.....
A wonderful evening and it sounded like it went on late into the night.
Sun, 11 Dec 2011 09:51 am
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<Deleted User> (9824)

Yes what a great night at The Tudor again! (do u have any bad ones?) - despite the weather (60mph wind and hailstones) driving over from the Wirral...and getting lost 3 times with a sat/nav !! (it was the one way streets in the Town Centre honest!)...
Can I add my thanks to all who attended and read..(far too many to mention)..but special thanks to Susie,Isobel,Pete, Dave (Manflu) Carr (atchoo!)...John T and Elvis T (I managed to get a couple of pics on my mobile) etc, etc you are all welcome to come and see - ( Laura and Bob) at 'Poets Corner' in Hoylake on Tues 17 Jan! it would be good to see your friendly faces..(come and get some Sea Air down yer!) haha..
On behalf of Stella and Me...thanks for your support I wear mine all the time and we hope you have a Great Christmas !....
Now I know the way we look forward to seeing you all again in 2012....really enjoyed your Christmas Anthology! (Great Cause too!)Atchoo!...Bloody Manflu...thanks Dave!
All the best from - Graham (Geezer) Robinson and (Smoking) Stella Jones.
Sun, 11 Dec 2011 03:09 pm
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sounds fab, sorry I couldn't have heard you all. I must get there next year!Have a g8 Xmas.
Sun, 11 Dec 2011 07:51 pm
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