The Great Escape

The great escape

We crossed a border into holiday
to prefab chalets, from a post-war boom.
Summoned for breakfast 8:15, we stalled
and straggled out at half to lives renewed.

Miraculous, the infinite canteen,
a commonwealth. We couldn’t eat it all
so pocketed the mini breakfast sets:
milk, sugar, jam, and spread them through the day.

We signed up to excursions, country walks,
the crazy golf course by the pirate’s cove,
to summer love, and sand between our toes,
and laughing freely. We watched life go by.

And now it’s gone as trains do frequently.
The camp we stayed at closed but we live on.
At work, we fill our timesheets, calculate
the hours and days till our next great escape.

Wed, 29 Jun 2016 01:20 pm
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