teenage writer

hey, I'm owen. I'm a teenager who shares writing through this site and my very own website.

I published a book about what it's like being a kid, at least my experience and those of which I have seen or been made aware of. it's not about the bliss, the nice kind stuff, it's about the trauma many of us were put through.

so if you're a teenager or a young adult, and you maybe have been through the shit I have, I think you should read it.

please note - could contain triggering content.
here's a link: owenleehueman.com/book

for some samples see my writing ?

if any other young writers want to be friends, do let me know. i would love some feedback on any of my work, as well.

until next time,

your fellow human

- Owen. < 3
Mon, 11 May 2020 05:37 am
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