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Stockport June 2010

A review this month by Baggy and John Keane.

Wordsworth said of the sonnet, ‘with this key Shakespeare unlocked his heart’. Well, if poetry is a useful vehicle for unlocking secret thoughts, what did we learn from the June meeting of Stockport WOL?

* We learned that Dorinda has taken to writing with pencils with great enthusiasm, and is in awe of Nigel’s kindness;
* That Nigel and Jayne work well in a choral duet, and that Nigel used to play hide and seek (in a Samuel Beckett style) while nurturing a corporate discontent;
* That Jayne liked riding on the bus and has artful ways around her writer’s block;
* That Linda chooses life whenever possible and has a more than passing interest in dead Russian journalists;
* That Chris has a love of Winter Trees (expressed in a rather winning Swinburnian way), gets into foul moods and has issues with Anglo-American foreign policy;
* That Rachel has beautifully-expressed concerns about child molesters and was a rather talented poet when young (nothing new there, then);
* That Meshach is troubled by the loss of his youth (God help the rest of us!), nor did he like the rules of the playground as set by Big J Smith;
* That Sheridan likes opening her magic box of words;
* That Baggy loves his dad, a fact that was very well-received and beautifully-expressed;
* That Julian is keen to share his hypochondria;
* We learned that Andy hates football, after his father’s many returns from the dudgeon of defeat (a common problem, that);
* That Paul encourages others to stand up to bullies, loves bombing, and finally loves to acquaint us with poetic despair that goes on and on…
* That Barbara has a problem with antiques, especially the human variety;
* We learned that Stephen had difficulty occupying himself over the summer holidays, that candy makes his life complete and that Edward Lear is a major inspiration;
* That Jeff can assail us with a brace of fine verses;
* And that John used to have inspirational coach-trips over the Pennines. And so did Julian.

Welcome to all newbies. Hope you enjoyed it all.
Mon, 28 Jun 2010 09:25 am
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