Seasonal Bliss; A poem

Seasonal Bliss

The days pass by
Very little has changed
You marked my whole world
Showed me more than the grey

All I have are the memories
All the good times

You showed me who i was
The me I want to be
I just want to go back
And live it one last time

It happened again
You came then you went
The days are getting shorter
The further you get

Don’t know where my path is headed
But I hope yours crosses again
And maybe in a way
They’ll be headed the same

Because lifes moving on
Dusting me out
I keep looking back
Buts that’s how you crash

I need something more
That I can aim for
Cause im just making circles
Wasting my gas

The songs that are playing
Just making me blue
All saying the same thing
Sending my mind back to you

But you left with the birds
Sending chills through the air

Your smile
Your eyes
Your voice

Last years pain again
The stars
The water
The dust

Always there but never like this

You’ve come and gone once more,
Seasonal bliss
Tue, 27 Sep 2016 01:52 am
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I didnt use any type of style I was just typing what came to my mind
Tue, 27 Sep 2016 01:53 am
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