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Pillow's Talk

Oh my pillow, my pillow why is my love for you so fleeting
Selfishly I ask you to support my head when stars are greeting.
You remain in post until sun darts its ray’s through a curtains gap,
Or until the alarm sounds bringing another day crashing on my lap.

My body supported by my bed whilst you cradle my head, weary heavy
My faithful employee you remain at your station without even a levy
How you must feel when in I march into the room carrying a new pillow
This new pillow fluffs itself up then it teases you for having gone narrow

So this ‘Pillow-go-Round’ recycling comes around every month or three
How I must take all the stuffing from you my loving you so fleetingly
Do you feel like another conquest marked on a post with chalk ?
I need to change you due to my heavy, restless head, oh and pillows talk

© Phil Golding 11.12.2006
Thu, 27 Sep 2007 05:08 am
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