Pete Crompton

my gift to you

My legs can only just carry
Struggling the calf muscles
Gale force ruffles
The hair
Rain vertical
I braved it for her
And in my minds eye there she lie
Empty now
But present and real
In heart and in fibres I feel
And written words
On postcards
Nothing retarded from her heart
Quite opposite, a battering
From the start
She battled
And ridiculous challenges
Was the breeze
And massive oceans
Was the ease
To negotiate
Nature breathed life in the birth
And wide her girth in love
Her cotton sails
And canopy’s we tugged
Massive her strength
Pure the intent
But mutant the cells
The mercy of mother so young
A cruel invention, yet the lesson
Of every living day, a celebration
For the healthy
A battle for the frail
But to know you in this snapshot
Is inspiration
And honour
for how can I not be
Here is my body
my gift to you
As yours to mine
And silky hair runs fine
On speckled skin
The mottled things fit in
The freckled ponds within
Her heart
Sanctuary, safe
So strong
You will beat the disease
In life or in death
And if you cross over
Ill find you anyway
So don’t fear
Love and strength can shine
On any side
And anyway I love you
And the towering essence
May that be the beacon should the wilderness
Be lame
Watch for an outstretched hand
For that will be mine
Be sure, my love, it will be mine.
Tue, 31 Jul 2007 07:04 pm
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<Deleted User>

This is a very beautiful and sad poem Peter,
is the character talking about his mother dying of a disease?
You capture the love he feels wonderfully and the imagery, speckled skin and mottled things fit in is very vivid.
Tue, 7 Aug 2007 12:13 am
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