Middleton August 2010

A very packed-out night at the Boar last night with a record 29 poets and audience members (even if it felt like there were a few more a times noise-wise!)

A wonderful guest slot from Ian Nenna and some very talented new readers too.

Freda Davis was picked as next month's guest poet and I'm sure you're all looking as forward to that as I am.

Comments recieved on the night:

Good Bits: excellent poetry, everything, huge crowd, loadsa readers, good crowd this week, nice atmosphere, good room and people, great atmosphere, fantastic people, good atmosphere, great audience, love the people and poetry, Gemma's biscuits and Paul's birthday cake, good atmosphere, very democratic, Paul's birthday cake, nice cake, good variety, good fun, tea bag prize 10/10.

Areas For Improvement: none, none, none, mic too low, nothing, control rowdy newcomers, turn off muzac, better non-alcoholic drinks, fewer drunk people.

On the matter of the 'control' of the 'drunk people', compering is a very difficult job and it's hard to find that medium between controlling and guiding your audience and poets. I think that this was a very difficult situation indeed.

We can't demand that the pub turns off its music I'm afraid, they do have other people in who like it for whatever reason.

The raffle prizes are provided by myself free of charge to WOL, (as my work is!) so I provide as good a prize as I can with my limited funds. I therefore have to go for prizes that suit the majority rather than the minority, sorry.
Mon, 23 Aug 2010 09:55 pm
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