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Marsden @ Mechanics

Message purely to say that the event at Marsden yesterday evening (combined op. between WOL and Kirklees) was a terrific gig.
The room in the Library was packed (upwards of 60 people I believe) and there were some folk (reportedly approx. 20) who had to be turned away (no ticket, and the safety limit had been reached). I've never been to a do that had to turn people away.
The Samuel Laycock was good to listen to. Well presented and not dry as I recall many other 'talks' I've attended.
The open-mic section was, as ever, varied, but of what I thought a particularly high quality.
All in all an excellent night,apart from getting back to my car to find that someone had run into it from behind, pushing me into another parked car in front. But I don't suppose that's the responsibility of Julian or WOL?
Wed, 18 Jan 2012 09:40 am
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Crumbs - what an awful ending to your evening Steve - just what you don't need after a good night out. I'm sorry I couldn't make this. Marsden's a lovely place with a lot going on. I just love the jazz festival there each year. It's a shame it's not a little closer to Wigan! x
Wed, 18 Jan 2012 01:56 pm
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