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Instant Soup

Instant Soup

Everything needed, needed now
I pay my rates
Pay you wages
Serve me now
Feed me, feed me now
Just add water
Ready in five
Family change, change now
Instant birth control
Instant family
Instant divorce
Must have it, must have it now
Adverts in your face
Better than yours
Latest thing
Need sex, a partner now
Chat lines
Virtual dating
IMS feelings
Is this why we are called the human race?
Have to have everything thrown in our face?
Everything summed up in a lipsticks trace?
Prostitute ourselves for what?
Society couldn’t give a jot?
Is this really going to be your lot?
Here is a news flash, here is the scoop
You the reader, look outside the loop
Add some veggies to this instant soup

© Philip Golding
14th October 2007

Sun, 14 Oct 2007 09:36 am
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